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February 2018



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Dec. 17th, 2007

Pictures to stare

These are the pictures I've been wanting to post for the three months :


Compare Jin in Black and White. Which do you prefer? I want both! LOL.

Backstage Jin! Kawaii!


Prince Junno! He fits this role. Really. He looks every inch a playboy.


Cute Lena! Like a doll!

 Yeah, I watched HSM too. I think they are both cute couple. And Zac Efron is a cool guy.

Jun. 2nd, 2007

Princes, Princesses, and me

6 Daimyos that I adore :

Yorokobi no Uta cover. KAT-TUN look so sexxxeh!

Droolicious! I want to kidnap Kame.

To brighten our eyes :

The picture that made me go back to the fandom that I left for more than a year. They look so good together!

I really love the dresses in "Marie Antoinette". So beautiful!

Beautiful mother and daughter :

The girl seems genuinely love Kirsten. Love this pic. So cute.

May 26 :

My friends came to my house! Yay! I was very happy. We didn’t meet in two or three weeks? That’s what happen if we live in different cities. It will be cool if we all could find a job in Surabaya. Anyway, Maya, accompanied with Faroch and Sari wanted to pick up two friends from airport. Mimi, who live in Jakarta and Emi who live in Kanagawa, Japan. It’s really happy for Maya, I feel, to meet friends that she could only talk through the net and cellphone. We intend to roam the mall, but Emi was unwell, so they had to go to Maya’s home ASAP. In the middle of the night I Sari text me and said that Emi had an asthma attack. So unfortunate. I hope the next time for Maya, Emi, and Mimi will be in Japan.

My favorite Indonesian band launched their new album! It was spectacular really. They launched in Malaysia first and then Indonesia, broadcasted live by 6 national tv channel and one Jakarta's local channel and their single was launched and aired in 200 radios national. That's amazing! I hope their cd will be sold as much as before. More! They had a bad time when they had to fired two members. But now they're back! Yay! Huhu...Ariel is so handsome!

May 27 :

Watched Pirates of The Carribean : At World’s End with the whole family. It’s three hours but felt like half an hour. Because the movie was so cool! There wasn’t a dull second. It seems that Jack Sparrow is a smart person. He did anticipate everything. I love all the parts of fighting, arguments, sword fighting, all the tricking each other. And wasn’t that the coolest wedding ever? Actually I would like it much better if Elizabeth end up with Jack, well but I think Jack should be made as an independent forever. The ending is very satisfying. Really. There could be no more better solution than that. Pirates 4? Go make it, we’ll watch it!

I eat Arabian bread with the sauce. Really delicious!

May 29 :

Watched KAT-TUN’s latest PV : Yorokobi no Uta. OH MY GOD! They look so sexy there! Wow! It’s like another version of Real Face PV. Simpler version. I thank God endlessly because the only KAT-TUN PV without Jin would only be Bokura no Machide. My very favorite person in this PV is Tat-chan! He’s smiling non stop! So cute! I can’t stop grinning because of his smiles. He must be really happy that Jin is back now. They just released their second album and Real Face Concert dvd in April, and now already a new single. Hem, JE is trying to make us all broke.

Miss Universe 2007. One day I hope Indonesia will win! I think our Miss Indonesia, Agni, looks beautiful wearing our traditional costumes. But she didn’t make it to the top 15. Oh well. I hope next year will be better. So far Artika Sari Devi, Miss Indonesia 2004, is still the best achiever for making it to the top 15 at Miss Universe 2005. I was shocked when Miss USA fell like that! Oh God! Must be a blow for her. My sympathy for her. For her to still be able to continue her walk with a smile is the proof of strong will. It’s amazing that she could made it to the top 5. I actually like Miss Korea, Honey Lee. She’s so beautiful! But I think her answer wasn’t good enough. Me and Kinta screamed to the top of our lungs when Japan won. We were hugging and cheering. I don’t know. Maybe because we just love Japan this day. And it’s been so long since Asia won Miss Universe. What is different and special from Riyo Mori is how relaxed she is. Maybe it’s because her dress. It could be considered a covering body dress, since all the other contestants were wearing sexy-exposing dress. Her dress also loose and not tight. So she could walk relaxed. Great choice for a winner dress. She seems enjoying her moment and had nothing to lose. But her answer about “from dancing I learned to always be happy, cheerful, and optimistic. And that’s what I want to teach to the next generation”, was good. A winning answer, I guess.

Movies : "Karol : The Man Who Became Pope" (very good. Though very painful in the beginning. If this movie is accurate, then the last Pope was a very good man), “Meet The Fockers” (laughed so loud. SO incredibly funny). “Miami Vice” (boring. The story is okay. The other actors played okay. Maybe it’s because of Colin Farrel. He made this movie boring. Thank God there’s Gong Li who played well in the movie. She’s so elegant and beautiful!).