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December 2018

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Purely Platonic Chapter 5

Title : Purely Platonic
Pairing : Nakamaru/ a girl
Genre : Friendship, romance, humour
Rating : General
Flame : No, please
Summary : Nakamaru Yuichi found 2008 to be a very busy year. Concerts and all of those idols rituals, plus he's in Waseda now. But several things changed in his life. He will have a girl as a best friend, who made his life more enjoyable and meant a lot for him, and he finally confessed to the girl he has like for two years. Let's go see through Maru's life and feelings.....

Summary for this chapter : Making a manga needs commitment. This particular one needs courage. So thought Rie when she faced the owner of the company, or maybe the owner of most of the famous faces in entertainment industry.

Rie sat silently in one of the small rooms at the Kodansha building. It was one of the smaller meeting rooms, that smelled strongly like coffee and cigarettes. Probably the editors just had one of their emergency-last minute-editing discussion not so long ago.

The clock was ticking loudly in the room, and Rie was aimlessly counting the seconds that was passing, in time with the sound of the clock.

Time is passing. Time is moving on though I want it to stop…..Just one more week to the proposal deadline, and I need to have a storyline and characterization ready. Or the Chief Ed will scream to me like the devil.

“Now what are you doing here, spacing out? Shouldn’t you do something more meaningful, like…doing your job?”

Rie turned her head around to see Mika standing at the doorway, a grin on her face.

“You look like you’re in a good mood. Just finished a chapter?”

“Yup. And I will go to a good hairdresser for a creambath. Need something to ease my tired muscles. Wanna come?”

“No, thanks”

“You haven’t answered me. Why are you here?”
Rie wished Mika is still busy drawing her manga. Whenever she wasn’t busy, she will go with the “Fussing about Rie” mission that she doesn’t really like.

“I’m….wishing that I could postpone this month to end. For another week or longer”

“That new manga you’re supposed to make?”

“That new manga you’re forcing me to make, yeah”

Mika contemplated for several second, staring at her friend.

Mika walked to the corner of the room, taking a magazine and opened a page.

That were a two pages picture of KAT-TUN, all of them staring sharply to the camera.

“Look at them. Just look at them” Mika said, standing with the pages opened for Rie to see.

“I think you want to draw them. I think your hand is itching to do that. I know you. You like beautiful images. And you can deny it until doomsday, but I know you do have the plot there somewhere in your head. Because the idea is interesting for you. It’s different from what you usually do. It’s impossible that you don’t want to try it”

Rie looked at the picture of the six guys, posing together wearing black mantles.

“But I don’t know how to do it, Mika. I can write about high school romance because I was a high school student once. I have no serious knowledge about how these idol lives!”

Mika sat down beside Rie, putting her feet under her, ready for a long discussion if Rie need one. “You know Maru” Mika smiled. “Start with him. He will be your door to his world, and in the end, your new manga”

Rie sighed. “But Maru is so….ordinary. He doesn’t act like a diva or a celebrity at all”

“Well, maybe idols don’t have to act like a diva to be successful”

“I’m in this state of time—you know? When plots attacked your head you can’t do anything without thinking about it? When you feel anxious and desperate and want to get it over as soon as possible. But I also have no confidence in this. It’s too…far from my reach”

“Don’t fight inspirations. You’ll regret it when it leaves you. Stop thinking what will happen to the manga, and just sit and make it. And you’ll make me a very happy girl, transforming my idols to pictures”

“But the process will be long and complicated!” Rie whined. “I bet Johnny’s Entertainment is not easy to deal with! They will steer me and make me do what they want and I will end up throwing the owner my shoes or something!”

“You’ll be okay. I have a feeling this one will go well, better than Beast and Beauty. So just get you lazy ass up from this couch, go home, and make that plot line”


“Okay?” Mika pressed.

Rie opened the magazine and look at KAT-TUN again.

“Okay” Rie finally said.
For the next several days, Rie worked non stop. First, she sat at her desk at home with another picture of KAT-TUN in one of the magazines she had. She then scribbled the storyline that she could think off as fast as possible, fearing the inspiration will melt away if she took too long. Then she make sketches of KAT-TUN for the characterization. After that, she typed the general plot line from the beginning to the end of the manga in her laptop. When that was done, she typed the synopsis of the manga in one page.

By the time she finished, it was already time for dinner. Next, she broke the storylines in parts and wrote the main ideas that will be made into manga chapters. And then she draw the main acts of mangas that she thinks will be the most important part. In the future, this will be her reference to draw each chapter.

Her editor, Hiroshi, called several times, and she informed that she refused to be disturbed. Hiroshi is sweet in a way, but he could get on her nerves when she needs peace. She even text Maru this :

“I’m going to make the plot of KAT-TUN manga. I need to concentrate, as this is the most important part of making a manga. Please understand and don’t come this week. I’ll call you when I’m done”

“Ganbatte ne, Rie-chan!” was all that Maru said in his text message, and he didn’t make any contact with Rie again that week, giving her the time she needs.

Exactly one day before the deadline was due, Rie finished her storyline. She called Hiroshi. Who stood at her door grinning happily with relief when she handed him the thick brown envelope.

“I’m done. Will have to do a presentation of it to my Chief Editor on Monday. Dinner tomorrow? My treat. Now I’m going to sleep. Don’t call me tonight. I badly need my sleep. I will be fully awake tomorrow night to hear about your week. How’s the preparation for you stage show? Okay. Tell it to me tomorrow. Oyasumi, Yuichi”
Rie threw her body on her bed and slept immediately.
When Maru informed his friends that Rie was asked from her boss to make a manga about them, various answers were given, but the result was generally the same.

It could be concluded in Koki’s comment.

“That’d be cool. A whole lot cooler than watching our faces in billboards. Hey, do you think Rie could make me look tougher?”

“What, tougher than how you already looked? Geez, people will think it’s a horror manga” Junno blurted spontaneously. Because he is that dense to sort out his comments for his own good. And that one earned him a kick in the ass (again) from Koki.

“Give it to me” Maru ordered, as Rie wouldn’t let the envelope go.

“Rie, let go” he said, pulling the envelope.

When Rie still hang on it as hard as she could, Maru got no choice but to hit her hand.

“I’ll give this personally to Johnny-san”

“It’s okay if you don’t”

“Shut up. I definitely will”

They stared to each other eyes. And then Maru grinned and ran for the door as quick as he can. Because he knew Rie wanted to stop him.
Much as he predicted that Nakamaru would be excited with his own solo stage show, Johnny Kitagawa never predicted that he would ask for a meeting on his own. Usually his artists would not bother him if it’s not a very urgent problem. Except for several special people. Like Nakai, Kimura, or Kinki, but Nakamaru is definitely not on the list. Nevertheless, there are some things Johnny-san enjoyed in life. Money, profit, absolute power, and surprises. Especially good surprises. He was hoping that this one would be on the last category. So he ordered Noriko to asked Nakamaru in.

Johnny-san prepared himself for the boring but understandable nervousness Nakamaru would display. From years managing his agency, he knew that everyone who met him would look slightly pale and nervous. He nurtured the feeling. Because he thought it was good for his artists to have someone they fear in the agency.

But Nakamaru didn’t display any nervousness today. Much different when he called him to announce his plan for Nakamaru several weeks ago. Johnny-san frowned. Maybe this is not about Nakamaru himself. Johnny sighed inwardly. Please tell me that he is not here to ask forgiveness for one of his bandmates who did unforgiven scandal. And he thought this would be a good surprise.

“Ohayo gozaimasu, Kitagawa-sama”

“Ohayo gozaimasu, Nakamaru. What brings you here this morning?” he asked, hands folded neatly on the table, ready for a long conversation if necessary.

“I have a friend, she is a mangaka”

Johnny’s eyebrows went up high.

Confession of a relationship? Well, that is very polite.

“Her name is Takeba Rie. Her penname is Kirijo Yukari. She is quite famous these days. She works under Kodansha Corporation. Her boss suggested that a manga about KAT-TUN would…..” sell? “be a good idea. So she made the outline and proposal. Would you care to see it?”

Again, it was something he never predicted. And he likes surprises. So Johnny-san answered.

“Let me see” Johnny-san asked, outstretching his hands.

Maru gave the folder. It contained the manga’s general synopsis. Rie wanted the story to be as near the truth as possible. Well, maybe she needed to dramatize a bit, but it would be closer to the truth. Meaning that she wanted it to tell about friendship, rivalry, betrayals, falling in and out of love, sufferings and achievements, depressions and hope. Basically what they really gone through, but it will be a more complicated, dramatic version. The time spans from their first time entering the agency as kids to their future.

There were also the raw drawings for some important scenes.

And the characterization drawings that Rie worked so hard on. All six of them drawn in several poses and activities. Individually, at concerts, doing daily activities, and even as kids.

Johnny-san looked at each of the carefully made pages without comment for several minutes, while Maru sat patiently in front of him.

“What is the title?”

Maru pointed to the first page of the proposal. Written in capital letters, “BACKSTAGE TRUTH”.

Finally, Johnny-san put a page where Rie drawn KAT-TUN posing together with their costumes for SIGNAL, and the title page side by side.

“She is talented. Everything she draws looks good and alive”

Maru couldn’t help smiling proudly. He also didn’t think there is any need to give affirmation.

While Johnny-san pondered on and on. Mangas. Weekly in those girl manga magazines. Picture books in deluxe papers. It could also turn into anime. Where KAT-TUN would of course sing all the soundtracks. The manga could be as lengthy as they need. Singles to produced. Singles sold out…..Products lining to be advertised in the manga and anime….It won’t hurt to then turn it to a dorama too. Yes. With all of the band in it. It sure will sell. And movies too, yes.

He is never a person who made decisions in a long time.

“Alright. Let’s do this”

Maru beamed. “Thank you, Sir”

“But first, I need a fair profit share with Kodansha” he said, more to himself than to Maru.

He reached for the phone and pushed the intercom, saying, “Noriko, I want the economic lawyer team all here in my office in an hour. Make sure they came here with a good knowledge of Kodansha’s way of business”

“Very well, Sir” Noriko answered.

“And second, arrange a meeting with me, the lawyers, Kodansha’s general manager, and whoever they need to bring. The sooner, the better. After lunch, I think”

“Yes, Sir”

Maru blinked. There was no hesitation that everyone would oblige to Kitagawa’s wish. They usually do anyway. He owned like a half of the whole entertainment business in Japan.

“And you, bring your smart friend here at 11 sharp. I want to talk with this girl. Thank you. For such a very good idea. I like surprises. Especially if it’s profitable. Your managers would reschedule everything KAT-TUN had today. We will have an internal meeting. Then another with Kodansha. Now, go, I have work to be done”

He heard weird moving sounds from inside of her apartment. Maru frowned. He slided his card at the door and opened it. Only to see Rie out of breath because she was pushing her book shelf to another side of the room. Naturally, Rie loves books. She has two shelves, one by the bed, which contains her most favorite ever manga and novels, and another one that is bigger and higher, for the rest of what she has. She told him that she has more, and said that she kept it in the place where she grew up. One day she will have a house of her own and put shelves in every room.

What is not natural, is that Rie was moving the heavy shelf by herself. The books are on the floors in untidy piles, so she could move it easily.

“What are you doing?” Maru asked as a greeting.

She spared him a glance. Then continued pushing. “Distracting myself”

“From what?”

“Being nervous that your Boss has seen my work. Or maybe you haven’t give it to him?” Rie asked. Maru noticed the hopeful tone in her questions.

“Nope. I already gave him your proposal for Backstage Truth”

“Oh okay. So what did he say?”

“He said he’ll do it”

“ITTAI!!!” Rie screamed. So surprised was she, she let go of her hold with the shelf, ending it with letting it fell on her leg.

“Tsk” Maru grumbled. And quickly ran to rescue her. He lifted the shelf.

Rie then sat on the floor holding her sore foot. “So he said yes?”

“Hai. That’s what he said. Let me see your foot. It must hurt a lot” Maru sighed. “I can’t understand why there’s a girl as careless as you”

“Difference are there for variation. So said God. Or Goddesses. Whatever. It hurts goddamn much”

“Wait. Ice will help you” Maru stood up and took some ice cubes from the fridge, wrapped it with napkin, and gave it to Rie.

“Wow. I have to make a manga about celebrities. How the hell things end up this way? Now what should I do?”

“Meet Johnny-san at 11.00. It’s in an hour and a half. So it’s better if we go now to the Jimusho”

“Excuse me?” Rie asked with a blank face.

“Meeting. You, Johnny-san. And KAT-TUN and Kodansha and some lawyers. Real soon. Go get dress”

“Oh God” Rie mumbled. Already panicking. “Do I really have to go? Can’t my editor attend it?”

“Who’s the mangaka?”

“Me, I guess”

“Then you’re the one who has to go. Your editor, boss, and maybe your GM will be there too”

Rie did nothing but staring at Maru.

“Get dress. Now, Rie”

“Hai” Rie stood up, half dragging her aching foot.

“Wait. What should I wear?”

“Huh? Anything decent and formal looking”


“You do know how scared I am, do you, Yucchi?”

“Yeah. I’m trying not to comment on it to make you feel better”

“It’s not working. I have to meet with Johnny Kitagawa for God’s sake. How insane is that?”

“You have nothing to worry about. You will get rich if this all works out. Just think about that”

“Yeah. If this works out…..” Rie grumbled, opening her wardrobe.

She went to the bathroom to change.

“Decent and formal looking enough?” she asked.

Maru looked up from the TV. She chose a black pants and dark green shirt. He chose not to comment on her pale nervous face, and waved his thumb as an appreciation. Rie then proceeded to move her necessaries from her beloved sling bag to a black feminine looking bag. She thanked God that she had a pair black shoes. Though it’s flat.

“Don’t forget to comb your hair” Maru reminded.

“Oh. Right” Rie agreed. Than ran to her mirror, combed her hand carefully like Maru never seen before, and tie it neatly.

“Ready” Rie announced.

“Okay. Let’s go”

Maru turned off the TV and the lamps.

“Wait. I almost forgot” Rie said at the door. She ran back and took a heavy looking big bag with her.

“What’s that?”

“My gift. For you and your friend”

“Really? What is it?”

“Peak at your car. Now let’s go”

They both got out of the apartment and Rie locked her door.
Rie barely had no time to decently greet the other five members of KAT-TUN before she was ushered to a big conference room where a bunch of important looking middle aged man in suits sat. She recognized Hiroshi—who smiled at her—her chief editor, and the General Manager of Kodansha, chatting amiably with a frail looking old man. He looked harmless, like those old men that sold ramen in a 30 years old restaurant. She could hardly believe Maru then poked her and said that she was looking at Johnny Kitagawa himself.

“Are you Takeba Rie-san?” the old man asked.

The whole room changed to silence as he spoke. “H-hai. I’m Takeba Rie. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu”.

Johnny-san then ushered her to sit between KAT-TUN in one of the chairs surrounding the oval meeting table.

“So we are here to discuss about your proposal of a manga titled “Backstage Truth”. As I understand, it was a manga about one of our group, KAT-TUN. Now, I’m going to ask you, are you sure this will sell?”

Rie remembered being 10 and was terrified with her Mathematics teacher. But at the same time, she also believes that he will do no harm to her, as long as she didn’t do something that could endanger him.

Nervous out of his mind, she turned to Maru for help. Maru was sitting beside her, nodding and whispered “Daijobu”.

“I—I’m not so sure it will sell. You know Sir, nobody can now the future. But my other manga is selling good so far. And I will do my best with this one”

Johnny-san’s brow creased, listening to the non confident answer.

“How much do you want to publish this manga?”

Rie’s stomach flip and do a somersault. As all the executives and lawyers were all staring on her. She found Maru’s wrist under the table and answered,

“More that I want to publish any of my other manga before this one. This is something new. I know that this could be the best in its genre. If only you would give me the chance to do it”

Time stops as everyone then turned to Johnny-san.

“Make the manga. And then publish it. Johnny’s Entertainment will give all the support you need”

Rie bowed and thanked Johnny-san formally.

Maru patted her back. And Junno, who happened to sit beside him, beamed at her. After that, she sat in relieve on her seat, as the lawyers and executives kept discussing with voices that turned into a droning sound in her head.

And then folders were given in front of him. It appeared to be a contract. The Kodansha lawyer nodded at her. Rie then signed and stamped the contract with her personal stamp. She saw that KAT-TUN, Johnny-san, and the General Manager of Kodansha also signed their contracts regarding the manga.
After the meeting, they all came to KAT-TUN’s office.

“Ahh. Finally it’s done. I hate meetings. It’s so boring” Jin yawned.

“Anyway, omedettou Takeba-san” Koki said.

“Are you really okay with this? I mean, I would be making something out of your lives. Is it okay? Don’t you mind at all?”

“Nope. We’re okay with it. Right guys?” Kame answered, while asking the other ones. “It’s kinda cool, actually”

“But—but have you read the outline? I won’t make you always look good. Sometimes you will fight in the manga, or get angry at each others”

“Well, we’re just normal humans. We do that sometimes. Just make sure that you don’t turn us into enemies. Because it’s not true. Not even a bit. Unlike what some tabloids love to tell about us” responded Ueda.

“Sure I won’t. That would be a bad lie” Rie then walked to the couch to take the big bag she carried earlier. “To show you all my gratitude, I have some present to all of you”

“Present?” Junno asked to Maru. Maru just shrugged, indicating that he knows nothing at all about it.

“Wow. This is amazing!” Jin praised in fascination.

“Yeah! Arigato gozaimasu, Rie-san!” Kame said, admiring the portrait in his hand. Because indeed it was a portrait. Rie sketched with pencil the portraits of each member of KAT-TUN, thinking that it is the most sincere gift she could give them. The persons who accepted her as their friends too. She framed each pictures and give it to everyone.

“Sugoooi” Maru said. “I’ll show this to my family”

“I’ll hang this in my room” Junno announced.

“Arigato ne” Jin grinned gratefully to Rie and then continued to stare at his portrait.

“So um, from now on, I’ll be—I might disturb your life a bit”

“No, you won’t” Maru interrupted.

“From now on, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!” Rie bowed deep.

They ended up bowing at each others.
Rie was given a month to observe KAT-TUN’s daily activities. More if she needs to. She was given the super hard to get “Guest” ID card. Complete with her finger prints scanned in the security memory. And her retina too. Maru accompanied her through all the signing of “I will not endanger this company by revealing any personal secrets of its members, without this company permission” contracts and procedures.

Thus began Rie’s days as KAT-TUN’s observer. She brought enough supply of notes and was allowed to bring handycam and to make any records she needed. As long as it’s for her personal observations, not to publish it in the internet or any other media. If she did, Johnny-san said he would deal with her personally.

So her day observing KAT-TUN started.
She sat in wonder as KAT-TUN sat around the table. Jin passed mugs around while Junno took a jug of soy milk from the fridge. Big snack boxes contained Edamame and corn chips were opened. Ueda sat with one of his leg on his seat while Koki grab a handful of the snack and started munching. Kame gave them all a sheet of paper and pens and was given a mug full to the brim with soy milk.

“Sumimasen” Rie interrupted, waving her hand from her seat at the corner of the room. “I thought you were going to start your meeting?”

Six guys looked at each others.

“But we are going to start our meeting” Junno said.

“While eating snacks and drinking soy milk? I thought the meeting was important?”

“Nobody said it’s not important….” Jin answered, voice trailing because he then filled his mouth with chips, thus disabling him from further speech.

“This is how we always do it” Koki shrugged.

“And it always worked out” Ueda added.

“Sou…ka?” Rie said.

“Sou. Now sit and be quiet, okay?” Maru said. “Want some?” he offered some Edamame and Rie took some. Maru took a bowl and put some more for her.

“Okay let’s start. So as we know”, Kame said, “According to schedule, our concert will start in April as usual. This is exactly two months before that, when we should start thinking of the choreography”

They then started suggesting things and some wrote down what they need to remember at their papers. But however Rie looked, it seems just like a casual chat between boys, not like a meeting to prepare a big concert tour.
The sun started to shine strongly and Kame, Jin, and Ueda immediately put out their sunglasses. That move made the crowd at the side of the park screamed.

“You guys totally planned that!” Rie accused.

“Huh?” Kame asked, as he waved to the crowd and threw a smile. Some screaming could be heard again as Rie fought to be heard.

“You just put on your sunglasses to look cool! You know those girls love it!” Rie laughed, shaking her head.

Kame grinned and shrugged. “Well, some fanservice never hurt anyone. Besides, it is really too bright”

“Conceited” Rie coughed.

“I heard that” Kame said, smiling, while he walked away to the photographer.


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Thank youuuuuuuu!
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AN UPDATE! :DDDDD Thank you so much for this ♥♥♥
You're welcome! It's been so long! 6 months since I last write this. I hope it doesn't feel weird when you read it. I hope you like it!
finally!! i thought u might not continue it..really nice continuation..

btw, happy aidilfitri..maaf zahir & batin..^^
Thank you so much! I thought everyone would forget this fic. It's been so long! I've been very busy with work.
I'm glad you like this!
Oh and happy Idul Fitri. I ask you forgiveness for whatever I done that might have wronged you.
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