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February 2017

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Purely Platonic Chapter 7

Title : Purely Platonic
Pairing : Nakamaru/ a girl
Genre : Friendship, romance, humour
Rating : General
Flame : No, please
Summary : Nakamaru Yuichi found 2008 to be a very busy year. Concerts and all of those idols rituals, plus he's in Waseda now. But several things changed in his life. He will have a girl as a best friend, who made his life more enjoyable and meant a lot for him, and he finally confessed to the girl he has like for two years. Let's go see through Maru's life and feelings.....

Summary for this chapter : Relationships. It began and ended in ways we could never predict.

Meetings and preparations for Maru’s stage show has begun. Rie went to every meetings. She was amazed with how his kohais and friends respected Maru and seem thrilled for this opportunity for him. She knew that the show was something special, but after several days attending the meetings between the dancers, the band, and the stage crews, Rie thought that maybe it was the best opportunity for Maru’s career yet.

Her observation for KAT-TUN life was still going on. She was making notes and taking pictures of their daily live. She finally accepted that KAT-TUN were, after all, just human beings, who led normal live. Nothing outrageous or scandalous would ever be seen from them, since they live normally, as normal as a JE member could be.

She meant to interview them about what really happened during Shuji to Akira and Jin’s hiatus. But seeing that the topics were sensitive to all of them, she was postponing the interview, hoping to find the right time to ask it.

The preparations for Maru’s stage show, however, had to be scheduled between the preparations of KAT-TUN’s annual concert, which was coming closer and closer. Rie bought the ticket like the other fans did. Maru protested that she should just accept a ticket from him and sit near his family. But Rie refused, insisting that she wanted to experience what KAT-TUN fans do.

She could come to the concert backstage anytime he wants. She was offered to go to every city where they perform. But one city was enough. She decided she wants to go to the concert in Osaka, for her observation of what KAT-TUN do during concerts out of the city, and watch the last concert in Tokyo Dome.

Meanwhile, Maru and Aya went several times together, and Maru told her three weeks later that they are finally a couple. Rie congratulated Maru on his dream coming true. He seemed happy every day. He didn’t look different and head over heels in love. But maybe he kept it when he talked or went out to Aya’s place. Rie herself had gone out twice to lunches with Aya and found that she was really fun to be with.


That night, Maru went to karaoke together with Aya. Their relationship so far was fun, and he enjoyed it. It’s the time when you got to know your partner more and everything was interesting. He was surprised to realize that he has lost all the heartbeat and nervousness he felt when he talk to her, like several times he did during the late two years. That was relieving, and now he could just enjoy the time together with Aya.

“I want to see your concert. When should I come, do you think?”

“Hmm, the last day at Dome were always the best, so I think you should watch that one, if it fits your schedule”

“Would you give me a ticket?” Aya teased.

“Sure. I’ll arrange it. Where do you want to sit?”

“Somewhere I could watch you clearly”

“Okay, I’ll ask my manager. Wait, Rie-chan wants to watch it on the same day. Why don’t you watch it together with her? Do you want to?”

“Ah. That sounds great. We could cheer you together”

“The problem is, she refused to receive a ticket. She wants to buy it herself”

“Really? He knows you that well and wants to buy the ticket?”

“Hai. She joked that though one, it still means that she was giving her money to KAT-TUN, like other fans do”

“She is sweet. I never think about it like that. Well, to honor her spirit, maybe we both could buy the tickets together”

“Okay. I’ll tell her that”

“I will also call her” Aya said, choosing a very romantic song for them both next.


After her one month observation was finished, Rie started to work on her first chapter of Backstage Truth. She had enough material to build her own story. It was almost exactly the same with KAT-TUN’s real life story, but it was also slightly different. She began to stay in her place all day again, asking her assistants to come and draw the manga together especially the first chapter.

That month was the time when Beast and Beauty’s Final Chapter ended. Rie felt rather sad, because the manga has been her life for the past three years. The ending was that the beautiful character ended up with the guy who was told the freak in school. He changed a little, but not in a physical way. It was an ending about accepting imperfections. The readers love it. And the agency was poured out with letters, saying how they love the ending and would miss the story so much. They also wish her luck for her new manga, and promised they would read it. It made Rie happy, but in one way, also added to her anxiousness. Beast and Beauty was so well received. There are more expectations now for Backstage Truth.

Hiroshi came often to check up on her, bringing food and energy drink. Maru found them sitting together over sushi one night, talking about the progress of the upcoming manga. Maru thanked him as he went, to report how Rie was doing to their editor.

“He’s a nice guy” Maru commented, helping himself to one of the sushi.

“He has always been nice. Ever since high school”

“High school?” Maru asked in surprise. “You knew him since then?”

Rie’s face was blank for several moments. “What? Oh, wakattemasu. I’ve never told you about him, right?”

“Told me what?”

Rie looked down to her tea cup, circling the rim with her finger. Maru got curious because it’s one of her “hiding faces” when he asked something personal and she refused to tell. It made him all the more curious because this is about Hiroshi. Funny she never gave any impression that he was more than her manager.

“Never mind. It’s rather embarrassing” she took up the dirty plates and glasses and walked to the sink. Maru followed close behind, curiosity increasing.

“Come on tell me, what is it?” he took the plates from her hands and started to wash it.

Rie moved and sat on the kitchen table. “We went to the same high school”

“And then?”

“He was two years my senior, and the head of the manga club”

“Hee sou ka?”

“Hai. He was always kind…..and nice…..and funny…..” her tone was different. That made Maru looked up to her.

“High school crush?” he guessed.

“Something…. like that”

“First love?”


Maru finished washing and dried his hands. “More than just a crush?”

“I um…in some big amount of stupidity and adrenaline told him that I eh…like him. You know, graduation day, asking the uniform’s second button….”

“How long did you go out?”

“We never did”


Rie laughed.

“He rejected you?” Maru asked, feeling angry already.

“Hai” Rie nodded, smiling but with a sad face.

“That was very stupid of him”

“Good to hear that you think so. He clearly disagreed with you. Apparently, for him, I was just a junior”

They both stood shoulder to shoulder in silence. Maru in a mild anger. Rie in sad reminiscence.

“But, it was long ago. Things change. We kept contact. We even became friends. He was the one who recommended me to Nakayoshi. And now we’re okay”

“Have you ever tried again?”

“Nope. Because he changed. He’s not that cool now. He’s not the same guy that I used to like. So it’s all gone now”


“What about you and Aya?”

“What? Oh. We’re fine. Would you like to go with her and watch our concert together at Dome?”

“I’d like that”

“Good” Maru smiled.

He was very surprised that Hiroshi was Rie’s high school crush. Could it be more? Is Rie still having feelings for that guy? What would he do then? She helped him with Aya. Should he help her with Hiroshi too?

“Hey, do you want me to help you to—er….”


Maru found that he had to clear his throat “Help you to make some coffee?”

“Coffee sounds good”

“Coffee coming right away”

Rie laughed and went back to her working desk.

Maru put some sugar in the big mug. Wondering why his mouth made that slip. Of course that was just a slip. He would gladly help Rie get together to any guy she likes. Wouldn’t he? The guy should be a really good guy, someone who will never hurt her. Finding a guy like that would need some time. He would be there for Rie until that guy comes. Right. That’s what he will do.

Humming, he brought the coffee mug to Rie.


The early stage of a relationship is fun and sweet. Like a candy you always want to have in your pocket. Maru and Aya has went out for almost two months. It’s the time when you want to text your lover, ask what they are doing, and spend your time together as much as you can.

With his schedule, it was impossible to meet everyday. Once a week even, must be arranged and rescheduled several times. But the outcome is some unforgettable moments when Maru felt sure he had never been more in love, or this attracted.

He saw Rie less that month. When he has spare time, he spent it with Aya. They kept talking everyday on the phone. Maru felt it was very amusing how Rie was never tired to listen to all their dates details, but maybe that’s what you feel when you’re that close to a friend. You become happy when your friend is happy.

Rumours start spreading in the internet, about him and Aya dating. They make it sound romantic, which Maru was glad about. There’s no need—or accuracy—if they try to define his relationship with Aya like some hot sexual affair. What they had was natural, honest, and real. The agency decided there’s nothing wrong with the public knowing, as long as they don’t make it to the tabloids. In the internet, they could always say that it’s just a baseless speculation.

And on they went with their lives.


The first chapter of Backstage Truth finished in the appropriate time, according to the deadlines decided by several parties. That is the Johnny’s Entertainment, Kodansha, and the mangaka herself. Johnny’s Entertainment released what they called “Chibi Figurines” of KAT-TUN, true to the story that the first chapter told the reader of their first time entering the business. Their day of audition. They sold the figurines in one package, that sold better than the brand new Ultraman figurines.

So does that edition of Nakayoshi.

Fans received it well. Eager to lay their hands on the manga, curious to know first hand how it all really went in the beginning. Rie didn’t put the fiction in yet. It was based really on what happened at they day of audition. He interviewed them again, of what they remembered happening that day, what they said, who they meet. She had to make the dialogues, since nobody still remember what they exactly say, but the whole chapter was as close as possible to the truth.

JE wanted to make it as big as possible. They wanted to release a new single on the same day Nakayoshi sold, they thought it would be good to hold a signing event by the mangaka and KAT-TUN. Kodansha was very civil in their rejection of proposals, politely saying, “Not now. Later, when we are sure the readers like it”. The mangaka herself, was more adamant and emotional in the threat of having to face thousands of people, the blitz, and the screamings. She said, “Hell no! I won’t! They can go ahead. I don’t want to be present. They can make some real size carton poster of me then have the event. But they can’t make me go out there and meet those girls. I will mess it up one way or the other. It’s not good for KAT-TUN’s image”. For once, Johnny-san gave in. KAT-TUN, or Kodansha doubted, that Johnny-san was wagering his timing for “the later time”. As Koki said prophetically, “He’s waiting for the big time to fire”.


Rie would not deny it. She was feeling lonely. Maru has not come to her place for a month now. She was used with him coming over every night. The talkings, the company while she was drawing, a friend when she was eating, someone to hold the grocery bags when she went to the convenient store. Maru was a whole definition of friendship and home and warm. Her place now felt empty and incomplete. She missed him. All the fussing over, all the laughs, all the smiles.

But she would never, ever admit it to Maru. Or whine and force him to make time and see her. Because she knew that Maru was being happy with Aya. Ah, those two really made a perfect couple. Everytime they talk on the phone, Maru sounds happy. So she will never bug him with his loneliness. It’s her problem to deal with.

She knew this is temporary. The head over heels in love part would pass, and Maru will soon have time for her. At least for a chat during lunch in one of their favorite kare restaurant. It’s not asking too much from a friend right? Hopefully.

That was how Hiroshi found her that day, spacing out at Kodansha’s park bench.

“Hey you” he greeted.

“Hey” Rie answered.

“You look like you have no energy. What’s up?”

“Hem? Nothing. Thanks for asking though”

Hiroshi sighed and sat beside her. “You look like you could use some company. So speak up”

Rie turned and took a good look at Hiroshi. They are friends after all.

“I mean it. Nothing. Nothing is going on in my life lately”

“So that’s the problem”


“I have some time. No mangaka to chase and threaten to finish today. Wanna go somewhere? Lunch? Beach? Amusement park?”

Rie smiled.

“Are you sure?”


“I need to go to the bookstore. I need to buy some supplies”

“Sounds great. Come on, let’s go”.


Maru had a great day. To top it off, he had a date with Aya later that night.

They met at an elite restaurant, where the food was awesome. They had to ask for a table at the far end of the room, but still enjoyable. The music was romantic, and Maru was feeling festive. So he ordered wine and they both drank a bottle together, talking and flirting and touching.

He drove her home and she invited him to get in. It’s not his first time coming to Aya’s place, but tonight felt different.

Though, Aya didn’t press the atmosphere, just offering, “Coffee?”

Maru accepted, walked to balcony, and admired the scenery. Aya came and hugged him from behind, pressing her cheek to his shoulder. Maru smiled. He felt mildly intoxicated, and in love.

He turned around and brushed the tips of his fingers on her face. And then followed the traces his fingers left with his mouth. Slowly kissing her forehead, nose, cheekbones, left and then right, her chin, and finally her lips. Aya gave a murmured appreciation and threw her arms around his neck.

They have kissed before, at the clubs, at their cars, after dinners. But it has never been this urgent. The kisses turned more and more intense as Maru started to run his hands on her body. She made delicious sounds, as he pushed her inside from the balcony, and all the way to her bedroom.

She started to moan out “Yuichi, Yuichi” when they collapsed on the bed together.

“Yes, I’m here” Maru said, half choking with the need of being even closer to her.


He fumbled on her buttons and kissed all the skin he could reach on her neck while he opened them, one by one. “Say you love me” he said.

“Ah….” Aya sighed, as he ran his hand on her waist.

“Say you love me” Maru pleaded.

“Yu—please” Aya begged, breaths hitching and mind on the edge, not coherent anymore.

Maru started to take her blouse of off her, begging, “Say you love me, Rie. Say it, I want to hear it, please…..”

She froze underneath him.

He was running his tongue on her chin again, when he felt something wrong. She stopped moving, why would she—“Rie, what’s wrong?”

“Gomen na sai, that I’m not her” Aya said, tone colder than he ever heard her.

For a split second, Maru did not understand. And then his brain started to work. Horrified, he sat up and looked at the woman under him.

Smooth, really smooth.

“Aya, I’m sorry. I was—that was….I’m sorry”

Aya didn’t move. Half naked and furious, she looked at Maru like she had never seen him before.

“Get off me” she said, acid dripping from every word. “And get the hell out of my place”. She didn’t scream. But the hatred was apparent.

Maru jumped out of the bed, stumbling to the door. “I’m truly sorry. I was—I’ll call you later”

He didn’t wait for her answer, but sprinted to the door, to the elevator. No one was there, and Maru thanked God for that. He was sure he looked like a mess, as his hand shook when he pushed the button to the Lower Ground. The elevator stopped and he half run to the lobby, turning to a sprint and ran to the entrance area. He didn’t stop until he reached the apartment entrance and walked out. Once out, he stopped and took a long, shuddering breath.

What happened? What was I thinking?

He asked himself as he closed his eyes.

How could he do that to Aya?

He heaved a breath again, feeling oxygen refused to enter his lungs.

Aya will never forgive me. Now what should I do?

His mind was racing. Feeling nauseous, knowing he had hurt Aya so badly.

But then his mind stopped. His heart stopped as he started to remember.


What did I say?


Who? Rie?

This is a complete, total absurdity.

Why did I say that?

Maru stood in a terrifying moment.

And sure enough, every seconds, every word he said and she said since they first met attacked his mind.

Passersby walked around him as Maru stood rooted to the spot. Shocked to the core with the realization.

Is this true? Do I love Rie-chan?

Maru blinked.

Of course, stupid. His mind mocked himself.

You love her. You love her for so long already. She’s been in your mind since you meet her. You always want to be with her. You want to have her. Everything, inside out, her past, present, future. You love every piece of her. You date Aya because Rie tried so hard to make it happen, right?

“Oh God. Oh help me God” Maru put his hands on his face.

Because of course he does. Of course he loves Rie. He didn’t know since when. He wouldn’t be able to explain why. He just does.

It all came flooding to him and it’s overwhelming.

“Now what?” he whispered to himself.


Surprisingly, Rie enjoyed spending time with Hiroshi. But this time, there is no romantic feeling involved. High school was a long time ago. And she can’t look with Hiroshi with the same appreciation. Still, he could be a nice friend.

They have always been friends, but now, they are closer than before. They go to eat together, talking after mugs of coffee, and just spending time. It started to feel natural and easy for Rie, and she was glad for that.

Maru is probably busy. He didn’t call, but sent text messages everyday. Making sure she was alright, promising to visit soon.

Well, he must be really happy with Aya-san. And Hiroshi might never be as fun as Yuichi. But he will do for someone to talk to. He has to be.



Koki turned to Kame, as he was putting some money to his jeans, making ready to grab lunch.

Kame looked serious and worried. Serious Kame had never been a good sign.


“Do you know why Yucchi is very silent lately?”

Koki sighed. “I tried to ask. But he didn’t tell me anything”

“Really? I thought you would know”

“I don’t” Koki answered, shoulders dropping.

“He’s getting thinner, isn’t he?” Jin joined in. Shrugging to his hoodie. “It makes his nose look bigger. It’s not a good balance for his face. Not that it has ever been, but—“

A glare from Kame made him shut his mouth up. “Gomen” Jin said.

“He’s not sick, right?” Kame tried again.

“I think he’s not” Koki answered, “I hope not”

The three of them fell silent.

“I’ll be sure to ask him to take a check up to the company’s doctor”

Kame nodded.

“Okay, guys, I’m out for lunch. Starving already. See ya”

“Wait, Baldy, I’m coming with you!” Jin called.

Kame turned back to their office room.

“Hey, Kame”

Kame stopped at the door and looked back.

“Lunch. Now”

“I will. I just have to see that arrangement for the—“

Jin gritted his teeth. “Now”

Kame gave up. “Okay. I’ll just grab my phone”


Rie and Hiroshi were at her place again, facing each other across the low table. Rie was gathering all her notes and pictures. The next chapter of Backstage Truth would be about how each member life personally. It will be about their lives in school, in their family, and with their friends. When Rie asked JE management for some background pictures of KAT-TUN during their first years in JE, they gave her a whole box of it.

She also interviewed them of their time in school. Were they popular, or geeks. Crushes, unrequited loves, best friends, such things. She scribbled all of it in several notebooks, and now she was reading all of it, glancing frequently to the stacks of pictures in front of her. Trying to imagine how it was, how did they all feel back then.
“Were you mad at me?” Hiroshi asked, voice sounded distant amidst the comfortable silence and the air conditioner wheezing in her room.

“Hmh” Rie mumbled, attempting to make Hiroshi understood that she didn’t need the disturbance. Not then, when she was trying to build the mood to start drawing.

“Were you ever mad at me, Rie, at high school, when I….turned you down?”

Rie cursed inwardly. Frowning, she forced her eyes to leave the notebooks and looked up at Hiroshi.

“What brought up this topic?”

Hiroshi put his hand under his chin, “Boredom?”

“Boredom is harmless. That topic, I think, is harmful”

“I think it’s harmless if we talk about it. I admit I’m curious. Come on, friend to friend, were you ever angry? Of what happened that day?”

Rie contemplated, wishing that Hiroshi would just drop the subject already. Not that he would, she concluded. He was looking at her, expecting answers.

“I was mad, Hiroshi-kun. It’s not at you though, I was angry with myself. That I followed my….insane impulse and um confessed” Rie cringed at her last word. “That day I was just being unforgivably idiotic”

“Did you like me a lot, then?”

Rie’s eyebrows shot up. “What is this? Are you in one of your narcissistic mood?”

“Just wondering”

“I don’t know. I was fifteen. Fifteen! You were nice, and everyone kept giggling and squealing about one guy or the other. So you’re the closest decent guy around me, and you became my…interest”

“I’ve never thought you did. I mean, like me, that is. You were all so cool and friendly. And we were comfortable to each other”

Rie nodded, desperate for silence again, as she started to rummage her sketchbook.

“I was feeling guilty a little…when I said no to you”

“Did you? Well you shouldn’t have, really. Having a crush, I think, is just something natural for a girl. If you were not there, it would happen anyway, to some other nice guy”
“Sou desu yo ne”

“Hai. Besides, you were dating someone at that time, right? You were popular. You were always with someone”

“What about now?”

“What about now?” Rie mimicked.

“Nothing left? Do you still have a feeling for me?”

“What is this, senpai bullying kohai day?”

Hiroshi laughed. A deep, tingling sound that made Rie remembered the grass at their high school soccer field, the rustles of uniform, and the smell of chalk. It was a familiar laugh, and she didn’t resist the urge, she smiled.

“No Hiroshi-kun. Now you’re a friend”


“It’s different now. I’m different, you’re different. You’re not that cool senpai anymore. You’re a friend, a merciless manager. And that’s it”

“That’s it, huh?”


If he starts apologizing, I will smack his head with my pencil case.

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like? If we ever went out?”

This is starting to get annoying.

“Nope. I think it’s for the best”

Hiroshi nodded. “Which part are you at, anyway?” he changed the subject. “For Backstage Truth?”

“Ironically, high school crushes. Or junior high, or elementary. According to their ages when they enter the agency”

Hiroshi’s eyebrows went up. “You know, there’s a saying that—“

“Oh, don’t you start, Hiroshi-kun!”

“An artist would not be able to perform perfectly without experiencing what he or she needs to perform”


Hiroshi started to laugh, and Rie began to grip her pencil case.

“You know, kohai-chan, at this point, I would really appreciate if you ask me to kiss you”

“I would never do that, senpai. Arigato gozaimasu for the suggestion”

Hiroshi laughed heartily. “Why? The situation is perfect! For all we know, we could be friends emerging to something more…”

Rie smacked him with her pencil case. At the shoulder, she would not try to effect a concussion. “Something more my ass! You’re just bored, that’s what this is all about”

“What? We’re friend, we could try. Make it a joke. And I’m a good kisser anyway”

“That’s what you girlfriends kept telling me”

“Oh come on, don’t be such a nun! Let’s try it, just for fun”

“No thanks. I rather not. Really”

“Are you afraid?”

“Am I what?”

“Are you afraid it would mean something more to you or to me?”

“No, I’m not! That’s why I think it’s pointless to—“

“Chickeeeeeen” Hiroshi mocked in a sing song voice.


In the heat of the moment, or the high of the joke, whatever it was, Hiroshi leaned over and playfully pulled the hem of her shirt.

“You’ve never been a coward. You could go alone in that cave at that ghost night at high school, but you’re afraid to kiss me, kohai-chan”

“I am not a coward. You know what, do it. Bring it on! I’m not afraid!” Rie glared.

And Hiroshi leaned even closer.


Author’s Note :

I planned this to happen. What do you think? I want this chapter to at least surprise you.

Chapter 8 is halfway done. I will do my best to write it when I have time.
I have never ask this before. I need some feedback. So um, write what you think of this story, please?


I was so happy to see new chapters for this fic :D ♥

I'm really loving this story. So interesting to see other people running interference with the plot of their love lives and I love that Ueda is so aware like a little guardian angel.

And when Maru said the wrong name when he was with Aya I was so surprised and horrified at the same time as being thrilled for what it meant.

Keep writting ne~


Sorry for taking so long in replying! Yes, I want interference to make the story interesting. And I've always picture Ueda as someone who knows a lot about people's feeling, whether they show it or not.

And Maru mentioning Rie's name in bed is something out of suppresed feelings I think. When you hold in something too much, it will spill out of you.

I'm going to continue writing chapter 8 this weekend. I hope I will be able to finish it.
And um, I forgot to sign in, but the comment before this was from me.


I think the story is really good and you should definitely keep going on! There are far too less stories about Nakamaru and your stories aren't ordinary so it's a very good combination! You always make your characters alive so the reader really feels with them! (And I also like the fact that your chapters are so long. I hate it when I start to read something and just when I'm into the story it is at the end again... ¬_¬)
So please keep on posting because your story really is worth it!
Ah thank you so much! This story came up to my head on 2008. I hope this story could keep your interest until the end. By the way, do you read my other fics too?
And I'll do my best in writing this!


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Hello. Sorry for the super long reply. Ah, so you think Maru and Rie should be together?
Hiroshi is the kind of cool popular guy in high school. People like that could be disturbing, I agree.
I want to write about that too. I have to dig my files though.
Thank you so much for reading this too. *hugs you back*
Its alright, i understand ^^

Ah, so you think Maru and Rie should be together?

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Firstly I have to admit I'm sorry! >__<
I've always read this fanfic, but I've never commented before !
I'm sooooo sorry!!! >____<

I like this a lot! really, I love how you write about Yuichi, he's really so natural. HE feels so real...
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Arigatou gozaimasu! *bows*

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Hello! It's ok, I love comments and it makes me happy to read it. At least you comment now right? And I definitely will continue and finish the next chapter. But you have to wait...

Thank you again anyway.
Kya~! An update~! :]

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Sorry, I'm trying to write it but I don't know when I will finish my next chapter. I will do my best! And thank you very much.
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Hello! And your name is new in my inbox! I'm happy! LOL.
Thank you for reading and writing this. I really love this fic too, but I have so little time to write these days. I write again this weekend.
Do you want Maru and Rie to like each other? Or would you rather they stay as good friends?
hey! its oki. take your time writing it! even though waiting isnt really my thing! hehe.

I dont know...if Maru and rei get together then the story is kind of over wouldn't it?
but if they stay friends and suddenly rei starts to fall for Hiroshi AGAIN, there will be more angst and awkwardness between maru and rei, it will be awesome.
but its up to you. ^O^
I loved this fic when you started writing it, but lost track around chapter 5. Loved to read more of it :)
But let it end with such a cliff hanger isnt fair ^^
*hugs* thanks for your stories
Ahahaha. Yeah. Why did I stop writing this? I love this story. Maybe I was so busy last year. I will continue one day, but I don't know when. I lost the....atmosphere of the story. I'm all high on writing Yongseo these days. I won't make any promises I won't keep. Just, maybe I will continue this one day.