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January 2018

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Purely Platonic Chapter 6

Title : Purely Platonic
Pairing : Nakamaru/ a girl
Genre : Friendship, romance, humour
Rating : General
Flame : No, please
Summary : Nakamaru Yuichi found 2008 to be a very busy year. Concerts and all of those idols rituals, plus he's in Waseda now. But several things changed in his life. He will have a girl as a best friend, who made his life more enjoyable and meant a lot for him, and he finally confessed to the girl he has like for two years. Let's go see through Maru's life and feelings.....

Summary for this chapter : Though hard, Rie made up her mind. She must ask those questions to KAT-TUN. Though it would be awkward as hell. And then Rie felt proud for a successful and productive night at the night club.

“Full Access Granted”. It was the writing in Rie’s visitor ID card. In two months the first chapter of “Backstage Truth” will be launched in Nakayoshi. She needs to know more about all of KAT-TUN members. The best that she knew was Maru, of course. She tried to work it out without asking anyone. In the end, after two hours of blurry drawings and incoherent rambling dialogues, she stared into space, out the window, with blank paper in front of her. That wouldn’t do. So she decided. She needed to do something more productive. She needed to put all her clumsiness and awkwardness aside, and set to work. She needed intensive interview. As soon as possible.


When Maru picked her up to go to Johnny’s together, he had enough of seeing her gripping her bag so hard. “Something’s wrong, ne? Spill it. Before your fingers broke”.

“Take me to your manager” Rie asked.

“Hee? Nan de?”

“I need to interview you guys. I need more materials for the manga. I need to know you all more, before I really start. Or else I won’t be able to make anything”

“And you need our manager’s permission because?”

“Don’t I need it?”

“Rie, you can ask us anything. We’ll answer everything”

“No. If you really want to help, I want a written permission. From who, I don’t care. Just someone who is authorized with—with these things. ‘Cos the questions I’m going to ask is not your everyday magazine questions”

“Cruel questions?” Maru tried.

“Not really. Just—difficult ones. Take me to your manager?”

“Sure” Maru nodded easily.

“Shounen Club this evening, right?”

“Yeah. Do you want to come?”

“Can’t wait” Rie answered, taking off her seat belt and opening the car door.


KAT-TUN’s manager showed a little amount of surprise when Rie stated what she needed. He called someone, and asked “To who should I ask for the authorization?”. His face changed to be more serious when he heard the answer from the other line. Maru and Rie was told to wait there, while the manager “took the permission letter”. Ten minutes later, the manager was back with a permission letter, explaining that all of the member of KAT-TUN must answer EVERY question Rie asked. And Rie must store all information she got carefully. And everything she publish regarding of that in ANY media MUST passed Johnny’s Entertainment media control first. The signature in the end of the permission was by Johnny-san himself.

The permission obtained, they headed to KAT-TUN’s office. They have one hour before they have to go through the photo shoot, and no one was doing anything serious. Kame was sitting with Koki watching sport on the flat TV while eating seaweed chips, Jin and Ueda were humming and strumming guitar together in the corner of the room, while Junno was chatting using his laptop. A very normal morning.

Rie was sending pleading help to Maru, so Maru started :

“Um…guys. Rie here need your help”

Five heads were sent to them, silently asking questions.

“I need you to answer me….I hardly know you all, that’s why I have to get to know you as soon as possible. Or else—or else I’ll fail at this”

“Ask us” Koki said.

“Well, it’s not ordinary questions. You might think what I’m going to ask are too private or anything”

Jin snatched the paper in Maru’s hand.

“And so you already have this permission letter? To force us if you have to?”

Rie turned pale.


“Joudan yo!” Jin grinned. “I’ll answer anything. The more embarrassing the better”

“Iyaaa. Finally. Something interesting. I was thinking that today will be boring” Ueda said, stretching from his sitting position.

Rie then took her notepad and sat on the seat near the couch. While six of KAT-TUN sat in front of her.

“So. Er. Sorry to bother you all—“

“It’s okay” Junno cut in.

Rie then sat silently, staring at them.

“Hello!” Kame said, smiling. “Go ahead. We won’t bite you or anything”

“Hai. Hai. I’ll start now” she took a deep breath. “First, are you all straight?”

There was three seconds of silence before they all burst in laughter.

“Now I understand what you mean “not ordinary questions”!” Koki blurted out.

“Are we that doubtful?” Jin asked.


“I take that as a yes. Well, Rie, I’ll answer for myself. I’m straight. If you live with these five guys” Ueda said, waving his hand to his friends in general, “You can’t be a straighter guy. You wouldn’t think of being not straight”

“Ah. Sou ka?” Rie nodded, writing the answer.

“I’m straight too. God damn it. Should I list all of my past girl friends?” Koki said.

“Straigh-too” Junno said, sitting on his legs and putting his laptop aside.

“Straight” Jin stated. “And so is Kame”

“I can answer for myself, thank you” Kame frowned, feeling his moment was ruined. “I’m straight too” Kame smiled.

“Arigato ne” Rie bowed. “Okay, next,”

“Chotto chotto. Maru hasn’t answered yet”

“What? I know him” Rie answered.

“But it’s not fair ne?” Junno protested. “Yucchi must have a share too in all of the questions”

“I’m straight. See, said it. Happy guys?” Maru said.

Now that Rie was sure that all of them won’t be offended, she fired away.

Rie : Ever use drugs?

Jin : Twice. Both on parties. Once because I want to know how it feels. The second one was an accident. I mean I was drunk and didn’t know what I swallow.

Kame : I think I smoked pot once, also at a party. It made me sleepy. But it made me overslept and almost arrived late at a shooting location the next day. From then on, I think any kind of narcotics would do me no good. So I stayed away from any of it.

Jin : Because it could make you late for work?

Kame : That and other things.

Koki : Not drugs. But I drink all kinds of drinks. I think at some points, we need to know when it’s fun and when it’s dangerous. Though some of the clubs always offer us those things.

Junno : Sou desu yo ne? When we enter clubs and ordered VIP rooms, sometimes, the head waiter would come bringing a tray laden with pot, those colorful pills, sometimes even those white powdery thing complete with the needles and the shot, you know.

Kame : Yup. And they don’t believe a simple “No, we don’t take it”.

Koki : I had to give them some piece of my mind, then they wouldn’t dare to offer us anything else fishy.

Maru : A piece of his mind meaning that he had to screamed his lungs out to make them understand. But it’s one of his desc job in KAT-TUN so he doesn’t really mind it.

Maru : Oh yes, and I don’t use any or taste any, because I know it’s bad and I’m afraid if I tried it I would not stop using it. So I better not.

Rie nodded.

Rie : Okay. So next. Have you ever watched strippers, or slept with one?

Ueda : Congratulations. I thought no girl would ever there asking us that particular question.

Kame : I think if any of the press ever did they would get fired immediately.

Rie : So….have you?

Kame : Of course we have. Seen striptease, I mean. A lot of clubs have them, anyway.

Koki : We also have seen private striptease. Do you remember guys? On whose birthday was it? Koyama?

Maru : Yeah. It was Koyama.

Ueda : But it was just some form of entertainment. We don’t see it quite often. Like for example, we haven’t seen it this year I think, we’re really busy.

Junno : Hai. We haven’t seen it for quite so long. We haven’t been in any club together for a couple of months ne?

Koki : Should we see any?

Kame : When will we get the time anyway? After 2 in the morning? Don’t you prefer to sleep Koki, rather than going to the clubs these days?

Koki : Yeah right. It’s better to sleep when I can these days.

Jin : But we haven’t sleep with any strippers. Or any other um…commercial girls. At least not that I know of….

Jin trailed, looking around to his friends.

Kame : Yeah. I haven’t. I think no one did.

The other five nodded.

Kame : I mean gomen, but will you feel comfortable? Sleeping with someone while you think who she was sleeping with the night before you, and the night before you? That would be awkward, right?

Jin : All in all, we only sleep with our girlfriends.

Jin grinned.

Rie : Are you guys rich? I mean, from working in JE?

Long silence.

Junno : Yes. I mean, for our age, I think we are.

The other five nodded.

Rie : Like how rich?

Koki : Well, we all have our own cars now. We can buy a house, I mean each one of us. I bought one for my parents.

Junno : I’m still living in my parents house, so not now.

Koki : Jin and Kame have their own apartments, which they bought. Yucchi haven’t bought one.

Rie : And all that branded clothes……

Koki : And the accessories……

Koki smiled.

Rie : I get the idea.

Kame : But I think we haven’t been fools in spending money. We still have some safely in our accounts.

Rie : Good for you guys. Okay. So what do you really think about all these JE rules? If you can, would you leave your work? Because of all the heavy commitments? Or wouldn’t you?

Junno : The rules are heavy….But I think everything paid out.

Koki : I think we’re still here because we like what we do.

Ueda : And we also like the people we work with…..

Jin : There was a time when I want to give up and just leave, you know?

At that moment, Jin smiled a bitter smile. But he can talk about it now calmly.

Jin : You know, after all that happened….All the things we were forbidden to do….One day I got so sick of all of it and wanted just to—stop, you know? But when everything stopped, I found that it’s what I want to do. Singing is definitely something I like. What we like.

Kame : There’s also a feeling, if we start it together, we should do it all the way together. And one day end it together.

Rie : So you don’t hate each other? Because there’s a lot of rumours going around, it seems, saying that you hate each other.

Ueda : Of course we like each other. That’s a very stupid question. Me, for example, will die of boredom if I don’t see these guys for two days.

Koki : We’re good friends.

Kame : We had our bad moments too. We fight sometimes. Maybe sometimes hurt each other. But we’ll all come back together in the end.

Maru : We’re several guys that have been together and through a lot of things. The ups and downs of our lives. Our family are close. Even my Mom cook for Koki and Junno this morning. That kind of thing.

Jin : They know me better than my brother.

Junno : Maybe we can be called brothers too.

And with that simple statement from Junno, Rie nodded. Thinking she had enough to start some chapters.


It was 10 in the evening as they all finally climbed to Jin’s SUV to that club they were going to. Rie felt tired to the bone already. She had been following KAT-TUN for the second day. They have been doing “the usuals” as Yuichi said. Mainly two photoshoots and one rehearsal session.

“You do this everyday, Yuichi?”

“Hai. Why? Is it too much for you?”

“It’s exhausting! I don’t understand how you can manage to still walk on your two feet after a day like this. And everyday! This is crazy. I’m glad they’re paying you a lot for this”

Maru laughed at her. “It doesn’t feel like that after you do it for sometime. Right guys?”

Junno and Kame nodded.

“We can drop you at your place if you want. Are you sure you still want to go with us?”

“Hm. Yes. I think I have to”

“Okay then” Maru nodded, squeezing her shoulders.

It was one of their friends birthday. Whether it was NEWS or Kanjani8, Rie could not remember. She was sure she would be enlightened on who is the birthday boy once they were all there.

Rie was of course not very familiar with clubs. Preferring culinary excursions rather than a place with blasting music sounds and alcohol. She would prefer a bowl of ramen anytime than some high class tequila shots. But sometimes she went to clubs with her fellow mangakas, if they insist.

That one club was crowded, of course. There was a wide room, decorated with white and silver colors, with a circular staircase right in the middle, going to two floors above. People were holding glass, leaning and talking to each other at the railings, looking at the dance floors. Beautiful people were going up and down the staircase, each one wearing something cool. Maybe the staircase was some place to show off yourself to the whole club, seeing that you can be seen by everyone when you’re there. The music was loud, but it was not something unpleasant. Rie recognized the catchy tune from the recent Oricon chart.

Jin was making some kind of hand slapping greeting with his friend. Someone called Yamapi? Oh yes, that one guy often appear in magazines and TV too. Then maybe it’s the birthday of one of the NEWS member. They were all ushered to a circle of sofas, right in front of the staircase. A waiter appear out of nowhere, jotting down what they were ordering.

“What do you want?” Maru asked, sitting beside her and taking off his jacket.

“Nothing alcoholic. Soda would be nice. And I’m starving. Do they sell food here?”

Maru grinned. “Sure. But no Japanese food here. Would you be okay with some fries?”

“Make it a lot of fries”

“Okay” and Maru ordered to the waiter.

A guy approached them. With a round smiling face, holding a bottle. “Yucchi, we haven’t talk for a week and you suddenly come to this club, busy whispering to a girl?”

“Hey, Massu. Come sit here” the guy then sit beside Maru. “This is Rie, Takeba Rie. She is my friend, a mangaka”

“THE mangaka? The one who’s going to make one about you and the guys?” he looked visibly impressed.

“Yup. She’s the one”

“I’m Massu. Nice to meet you”

“Hello” Rie smiled a little, feeling very sure her stomach would start grumbling now. That would be embarrassing wouldn’t it, in front of Yuichi’s friends?

That was when Koki came and asked, “Rie, do you dance?”

“No. Of course not. Why?”

“Well. I thought it would be fun to ask you. Do you want to?”

“I better not Tanaka-san. But arigato. I really think it’s better if I don’t. I don’t want to make you ashamed”

“You won’t! That’s baka. Come on, just for fun?”

“Um-really. No. I can’t. You’re cool, you’ll find someone willing and able to dance”

Koki made an exaggerating sigh. “Yucchi, force her to go to the floor with me”

“She doesn’t want to. If I force her, she would kick me out of her door forever, Koki. I don’t want that”

That answer made Massu raised his eyebrows, making a questioning face to Koki. Maru did not notice.

“Oh alright. I’ll just take Massu here dancing. You won’t refuse me wouldn’t you pretty?”

Massu made a face but stood up anyway. Asking in a low voice, “Out of her door? What does he mean?”

Someone then called Maru. He got up and left Rie. That was when their order come. Rie was happy enough with her fries and soda.

These JE guys. They look better than other guys in the club, Rie thought. Some of them already dancing. Putting good use of their rehearsal hours. Sure enough, they are dancing with the most beautiful girls around. The look on their faces explained that it’s one of the best moments of their lives. But not every pretty girls dancing with the JE guys. One sweet girl in red just danced happily with her friends, it seems. That girl looked familiar. Wait. Isn’t she? She’s Takashima Aya!

Takashima Aya was there, and Yucchi was there. Have Yucchi called her yet? He didn’t say anything about that. Of course they must meet now. It’s a rare chance. Oh quick! I must call her. Rie searched for her cellphone. But wait. She is dancing. She wouldn’t be carrying her cellphone now. Now what do I do? A waiter passed and Rie stood up, talking to him.

“Sumimasen, can I ask your help?”

The waiter bowed.

“What is it Okyakusama?”

“Do you see that girl over there? The one with the red dress, dancing with her friends? Yes, that’s the one. Could you please go to her and ask her to come to the bar? Tell her Nakamaru Yuichi wants to talk to her”
The waiter obliged and approached Aya. Rie then walked to Maru, who was standing with her friends, talking and joking.

“Yuichi, can you please get me some mineral water? There’s no waiter around, and I’m having this little headache….”

“What? Why didn’t you say anything? I’ll just talk to the guys a bit and take you home”

“It’s okay. I’ll feel better after drinking the water and finish eating. Could you get it for me?”

“I’ll get it. You just wait and sit down” Maru said, leading her back to her seat.

“Thank you so much” Rie smiled, as Maru hurried to the bar. She congratulated herself and watched Maru’s back, going farther and farther away between the dancing crowd.

“Are you sure you know what you’re playing?”

Rie choked on her fries and had to drink up more soda.

“Ueda-san!” she protested. “You scared me!”. How come he’s suddenly there? The last time she saw him, he was sitting in the corner, listening to Junno talking to Tegoshi.

Ueda, completely unaffected, looked straight to her eyes and continued. “I just feel you don’t really know what you’re doing….and what the consequences would be”

Could this guy be some kind of Onmyouji who can read minds? That’s nonsense. He couldn’t be. Could he?

Nevertheless, she answered. “I know perfectly well what I’m doing”

“By playing matchmaker?”

How could he know?


“Have you thought about the consequences?”

“What? That if I succeed, Yuichi will get the girl he has a crush on for two years?”

Ueda didn’t answer. He just kept looking at Rie with his sharp eyes.

“I just want him to be happy” Rie explained. Knowing nothing why she was explaining this.

“There are other ways you can do to make Yucchi happy”

“Well, this is the best I can do”



Ueda looked like he wanted to say something more. But he checked himself.

“I like you, Rie-san. I hope you know what you’re doing”

“Do you mind if I say that you’re starting to scare me?”

Ueda smiled. It was a rare occasion for a stranger like her, she knew. It lit up his whole pale face.

“Not at all. I get that a lot”


Maru hurried to the bar and pushed his way between the people standing or sitting around it. “I need two bottles of water, please”

“Hai. Chotto matte kudasai” the bartender walked to the big fridge and took what Maru asked.


Maru turned and saw a woman standing behind him. For a moment he thought she was nobody. Then he broke to a wide smile. “Takashima-san”


“Hai. It’s been awhile”

“What is it?” Aya asked.

“Gomen, what?”

“Don’t you have something to tell me?”

“To tell you?” Maru was confused. Taking his order from the bartender and paid for it, he wondered if Rie really was okay and thinking that he should insist to take her home as soon as possible.

“A waiter told me to wait for you here, that you have something important to tell me” Aya said, thinking this guy looked cute, acting innocent to begin a conversation with her.
“What? But I didn’t—“ Maru frowned and looked at the water bottle. Rie. Headache huh? That girl, seriously.

“I know, my friend is having a joke on me”

“They did?” Aya asked.

“Yes. Rie did. You met her once, right? She’s a mangaka. She wants us to be together” Maru explained. “You have to excuse her. She told me she wants some water, so here I am. I have no idea that you’re here”

“Takeba Rie? Well. That’s sweet of her”

“She thinks she knows what’s best for me”

“I read her manga” Aya said, sitting down on the stool.

“Yes. Isn’t she great?”

“Her drawings are beautiful”

“That’s what I thought”

“She’s not really having a headache, then?”

“No. That was just some reason to make me come here and talk to you”

“We should not waste her effort, don’t you think so?”

“Maybe” Maru smiled at her.

“How about drinking with me? Unless you prefer to dance?”

“Dancing would do me fine, Takashima-san”

“Let’s go then”

Maru nodded and followed her to dance floor. The music was changing to a slower rhythm.


Rie was feeling proud of herself, seeing Maru and Aya dancing together. She then turned her attention to the rest of KAT-TUN and NEWS. At some point, it seems that Kanjani8 came too. She saw with her own eyes girls trying their best to talk to them. Flirting then seemed to get to higher levels. But KAT-TUN seemed not that interested. What’s the matter? She must confessed, she was hoping to see them go wild over girls. She had no prejudice. Just expectations. That people as famous, young, and rich as KAT-TUN must have scandalous lives. Or else where would the fun be?

She asked Ueda, who was still sitting beside her.

“Your friends are behaving really well”

“And that would be a compliment or a complaint?” Ueda asked. Amused but not showing it.

“I was hoping for something more scandalous”

“You mistake us to some other persons”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the rumors that you are all playboys that change partners every night were true”


“But I can see that you’re not”

Kame was talking to a girl, who was wearing a little too minimum, in Rie’s opinion. But then after several minutes, he turned to his friends again. A blond foreign girl approached Jin and they talked, but that’s all. They didn’t even dance. Junno, Junno was unforgivable. When he wasn’t talking or drinking, he played with his portable game. It started to get exciting when a girl sat on Koki’s lap. But he whispered something to her, kissed her cheek and hand, and then she got up, looking disappointed. Ueda almost talk to no one since they entered, and now he was sitting beside her. She did not understand these people.

“Why the good behaviour?”

“There are several reasons” Ueda answered vaguely.

“Do you mind to explain?”

“We are ordered to behave. Always. Not to make any scandal. As best as we could. It would do no good to our fans opinion if we’re jerks. That would be a negative effect to our singles and albums selling”

“Oh. I see. Very obedient for you all”

“And then there’s another reason”


“Some of us are…already taken”

“Wow. Will you tell me with who?”

“I will. Not because you have a written order from our manager for us to answer your question. But because you’re a friend”

“That’s nice”

“Kame is with someone. You read the tabloids, I suppose. Jin is with Lena Fujii. Junno has had his eyes on someone for years now”

“But not together?” Rie asked, feeling she’s listening to some confidential country secret.

“Not yet. Soon, hopefully. And Yuichi, well, he’s having his eyes on someone too”

“Yes, we both know that”

Ueda didn’t answer.

“Um—what about you?”

“Me? I’m with someone”

“How is she like?”

Ueda took a long appraising look at Rie, then answered honestly. “Like an angel”

Rie looked impressed.

“You’re a friend. I’ll show you what she’s like”

Ueda pulled out his cellphone and opened his pictures gallery.

For some seconds, Rie was speechless.

“She’s beautiful! I love beautiful people!” Rie exclaimed. “Do you mind?” Ueda shook his head, so Rie looked at the rest of the pictures. Of a beautiful, blond, blue eyed girl that looked like a model.

“What is her name?”


“Even her name is beautiful”

“I know”

“She looks young. How old is she?”


“Wow. How did you meet?”

“I’ll tell you some other time”

“Heee! Why not now? I will draw her in the manga too!”

“Yucchi is coming”

Maru was indeed walking to them, and alone.


“Hi Yuichi! Did you have fun?”

“I did. But you don’t have to pretend a headache next time, Rie-chan. That’s not fair”

“There will be a next time? Wow, you’re smart”

“I’ll tell you about it on the way. Let’s go. It’s past midnight. You need to sleep”

They said goodbye to the guys, especially to Ueda who Rie said, “Tell me how you two meet”

“I will”

“See you guys tomorrow” Maru said to everyone, while Rie waved and bowed.


“Tell me about it. Did you really have fun?”

They just arrived at the JE building again with a taxi, to get Maru’s car. “I did. She is always nice to talk to”

“I bet she is. And will you go out with her?”

“I will go to her friend’s party”


“You look excited”

“I am feeling happy that you finally had a chance with her. You like her for so long”

Maru patted her head. “I could never have a better friend”

Rie poked his arm. “Great job today. Thanks for dropping me, Yuichi. See you tomorrow.


Author’s Note :

Number one, I meant no harm in Rie’s interview. Things related to drugs and sex are always related to idols, no matter who they are. I want to write them as human as possible. I don’t want KAT-TUN to be –sorry in advance—jerks. Who slept around and dump girls and use drugs. But to vehemently say that they never at least been offered or try drugs would be hard to imagine in their world. I don’t want to offend anyone with that fictive interview.

Second, the longer it took me to write something, the lesser my confidence in it. I hope this one is acceptable.

Third, for all of you who are generous enough to remember this story and still read this new update, I thank you very much. Dedicated to some of you who took the trouble of poking me to continue this story.


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