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February 2017

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Purely Platonic Chapter 4 Part 2

On the first floor of Fuji TV, there is a garden with a cafeteria. Chairs and tables were placed there conveniently, so people could have meals while breathing the fresh air. Of course, when it’s raining almost no one visits it. Or at the coldest days of winter, people only drop by to by warm drinks or take away their food.


It was a clear, bright day. Rather cold, but not too much. Rie rather regret her act, because if she wasn’t pretending to be in pain, she would gladly sit there and enjoy the fresh atmosphere accompanied with takoyaki—that smells so good from the stall. Instead, she leaned on his chair, a hand on her head, wincing, and hoping her lack of make up face could pass on as a pale face.


She sighed. She considered to pretend a shiver, but decided it was too much.


“I’m really sorry. I hope the headache is not serious and will heal soon” told Aya, sitting in front of Rie.


“It will. Don’t worry”


“Your sketches are really good. Are you an artist?”


“Oh. Um, I’m a mangaka”


“Really? What manga?”


“Beast and Beauty for now. It’s on Nakayoshi” Rie said in a fast pace, hoping she would find other topic soon. It irks her to talk about her work with people.


“Beast and Beauty! I know that. My niece is an avid fan of the manga! I read it too, and I think the story is interesting. And the drawings are good too!”


“Arigato” Rie smiled weakly. It’s not supposed to be about me! She felt like whining.


But then Aya frowned. “Hey, I think I saw you as the crew earlier”


“Oh! That!” Rie almost jumped from her seat, fighting hard to make an excuse, “Observation! Umh, hai. Observation, that’s why I need to try that job. Being a crew in a tv show. Because I—hum—will make a manga about the entertainment world, kind of—soon”


“I’m happy” Aya smiled, holding her cup of green tea, “I’ve known a lot of famous people, but I never knew a mangaka before. I’m glad I met you, though I’m sorry you’re hurt because of me”


Rie waved her hand in denial, “No, Takashima-san. I’m in no way famous, I tell you. I even use a pen name. You, are famous. I watch you everyday on TV”


“So, what is your real name?”


“It’s Takeba Rie” Rie said, offering her hand.


“Takashima Aya. Call me Aya, if you don’t mind”


I already call you that in my head.


“Aya. Call me Rie” Rie smiled genuinely, happy to make the acquaintance.


Rie asked about the advantages of being an anchor. Aya said the good side is you can meet a lot of celebrities and important people of the day. The bad side is she has to wake up and go very early to work everyday. She arrives at the studio every 5 am.


“You’re the opposite of me! I write at night and 5 am is when I start to sleep!”


“Really? You sound like a vampire” Aya laughed. I like her laugh, Rie decided. It sounded light and cheerful.


“Sou ne. I do live like one. Awake at night. Sleep mostly on the day”


“But you watch Mezamashi at 7?”


Yeah, Yuichi watch it. That’s why it became my habit too.


“Oh hai. I put on my alarm. Wake up to watch it, then sleep again until lunch time”


They continue chatting like they’ve known each other since high school, until Aya reluctantly said, “I have to go. I have a class now at Waseda”


“Okay. Thank you for treating me this” Rie said, pointing at her set of breakfast.


“Don’t mention it. And can we exchange e-mail and phone number?”


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Rie screamed mentally. I win! I have Takashima Aya’s phone number.


“I’d like that” Rie answered simply, smiling nevertheless.


They exchange e-mails and phone numbers.


“I hope we can meet again, I enjoyed talking to you” Aya said.


“Me too”


After patting her on the shoulder, Aya left. Rie waved to her until she is out of sight. First mission, accomplished.


She dialed Maru’s number.


“You wouldn’t guess who I’ve just talk to”


Maru was silent on the line then guessed, “The Emperor?”


Rie groaned, “Baaaka!”


Maru laughed.


“Who? Somebody interesting?”


“God Almighty” Rie said in a serious tone.


“Heeeeee” Maru responded.


“You mentioned the Emperor, Yuichi! I just have to say a higher being!”


Maru laughed, “Now really, who is it?”


“On second thought, I’ll tell you when we meet again. When will you have time to meet me, between your busy schedule, superstar?”


“Hmmm, let’s see…..”


“Oh, I see. Superstars are that busy, huh?”


“Three days from now. On Wednesday, as usual

“That’s still so long!” Rie protested.


“Yappari…you miss me already. I knew it. I think it’s because all of that soy milk I drink. It made my skin smoother, that’s why you fell in love with me. It’s hard to be a cool guy”


“Urusai. You will be fainting out of happiness when I tell you about my mysterious friend”


“Oh sou? Well, it should wait. I really have no time till Wednesday”


“Okay. Wednesday it is. I can wait”


“If you’re just going to tell me about knowing an owner of some ramen stall owner, I think I’ll hit your head” Maru threatened.


Rie sighed. “I do think of something else other than food once a while. Like your future for example”


“But what’s this mystery person got to do with my future?”


Future wife. Rie said in her heart.


“Just you wait and see. Until Wednesday, Yu, jaa”


“Jaa ne”


Maru was just ending his conversation with Rie when a woman voice spread around the room.


“Attention. Attention” the loudspeaker said, an announcement will be made and it will be heard from the lowest building to the highest level.


The talking at the cafeteria ceased, as everyone was paying attention to the invisible voice.


“Nakamaru Yuichi is summoned by Kitagawa-sama. Please go to his office at the top floor immediately”


Maru stopped his spoon midway from feeding himself with Seaweed Soup, as his expression changed to total surprise. He had never been summoned by Johnny alone, always with KAT-TUN. The last time he met Johnny-san was when Cartoon-KAT-TUN II YOU tour ended at Dome and Johnny-san stopped by at their concert and shook all their hands at the backstage, congratulating them for the sold out concert.


“Nakamaru Yuichi is summoned…..” the announcement was repeated again, and Jin leaned to ask him, “Did you do something wrong?”


Jin and Junno looked at Maru in a concerned expression they rarely ever have in their faces. There was a bad feeling in Maru’s stomach, it formed to a small nauseating feeling. “I don’t know…..I don’t think I did any…..”


“How come you don’t know!” Jin gripped Maru’s elbow, “Junno, do you know anything? It’s not LA happening all over again, right? It couldn’t be, right?”


Junno patted Jin’s shoulder and put on one of his cheerful tone, “Ah, no! Being called by Johnny-san didn’t actually need to be a disaster, right? I—I really don’t think this could be anything bad, you know. I mean, what did Yucchi ever do?”


Maru said nothing, and think that Junno’s attempt to lighten up the situation is not convincing at all.


“Right. You’re right. Maybe Johnny-san will only do some sort of discussion. Chatting or something like that” Jin said, trying to laugh. “I think I’m sure of it. Nothing could be wrong. I mean, Maru is very obedient, ne? I can’t see why we should worry. Now, go” Jin said to Maru, pulling Maru’s lunch tray away from him, “You should go quick. It’s bad to make Johnny-san wait”


With a sinking feeling, Maru drank his water, feeling like his throat was very dry, and got up from his chair. A loud screeching sound was heard and Junno stood up too. “I think I’ll go with you!” Junno blurted. Jin followed Junno.


“No. No, thanks. It’s okay. You guys don’t have to—“


“It’s Tsuyoshi senpai!” Jin said immediately, “He…um—told me and Junno this morning, to drop by at Kinki’s office. Didn’t he, Junno?”


“Yes! Yes, he met us this morning and told us to—do exactly that” Junno affirmed.


Maru didn’t believe it. One, Tsuyoshi-senpai doesn’t come to JE Building on 7 every morning, like all of KAT-TUN do. So the chance of Junno and Jin meeting Tsuyoshi-senpai that morning was slim. Two, Kinki’s rooms of meeting and rehearsals are only two levels lower than the top floor, which was Johnny-san’s. So Maru concluded they just want to be there with him, so he nodded and headed to the cafeteria exit.


As they entered the elevator, nobody said a word. And Maru seriously think he needed a moment to the toilet, to throw up and then wash his face, but he just has to hold this nausea in. As the elevator doors opened up at Kinki’s floor, Jin pushed the close button. “We’ll drop you by first”.


The elevator arrived at the top floor and they all stepped outside.


“I’m sure it’s nothing serious or bad” Junno commented.


“It’s gonna be okay, Maru” Jin said, winking at Maru.


Maru snorted. “Bye guys” he said.


“Don’t forget, dinner at Tat-chan’s!” Junno said, as Maru walked to Johnny’s secretariat office.


“Will it really be okay, you think?” Jin asked, when he was alone in the elevator with Junno.


“I really hope so” Junno answered.


“I hope it’s not like that “You’re not “productive and obedient enough” scolding I had a year ago” Jin frowned.


“But you’re okay, now” Junno said.


“Yeah, after some time not understanding my status, fired, or on suspension” Jin grumbled.


“I wish we could stay with Yucchi”


“The car to drop us at Yukan’s shooting location must be waiting already. We need not make that old man even more pissed off by arriving late” Jin said, pushing the ground floor button.


“Hey we’re pretending that we are optimistic here!” Junno reminded.


“Yeah, we are. We’re not worried that Maru’s ass in this job is threatened. No, we’re sunny and happy” Jin said cynically.


“God, I really wouldn’t want anyone to be sent to LA or Argentine or something” Jin said, huffing an annoyed breath. “Just when I thought my life is getting peaceful, Johnny-san just had to give us something to have headaches again” he stopped the elevator at Kinki’s level, meaning at least to be true to his word.


The elevator opened, revealing Tsuyoshi sitting at a couch near the elevator, playing with his guitar. Koichi was nowhere in sight.


“Hi senpai!” Jin waved. Junno bowed.


“Oh, hi guys, come over here, let’s have lunch together! It’s been ages since we did that!” Tsuyoshi said, approaching them.


“Gomen, senpai, we have dorama shooting. Bye” Jin waved again and Junno bowed again, closing the elevator, leaving Domoto Tsuyoshi staring at the elevator.


“Who is it?” Koichi’s voice came from the next room, where he was making notes for his next stage play.


“Oh. Nothing. Just Junno and Jin dropping by. They just came to talk for awhile”


“What did they say?” Koichi asked, taking a fresh sheet of paper.


“Hi and bye” Tsuyoshi answered.


That made Koichi sneaked his head from the door. “Huh?” he asked.


Tsuyoshi shrugged and sat back at his couch.


Maru entered Johnny Kitagawa’s office with a bitter taste in his mouth. When he saw Johnny-san , KAT-TUN’s manager, and his personal manager sat all together discussing with hushed voices, he started to recollect all of the places in KAT-TUN office where he placed his belongings. Mentally trying to remember every stuff, to be easier to gather when he is done and fired.


Johnny-san motioned him to sit down, and he obliged. Then he said the purpose of calling him there. Maru had politely asked back, “Sumimasen, could you please repeat that again?”


Johnny-san repeated that for the second time. Maru just blinked and put on his most polite expression to ask,


“I still didn’t catch that, Johnny-sama. I’m sorry. Maybe I’m just too tired, I think I slept less than three hours these days. Could you please repeat that again, Sir?”


Instead of exploding in a furious fit, Johnny-san merely chuckled and repeated slowly “I have decided that I want to give you a solo stage show next year, Nakamaru” he pronounced, slowly, and clearly, with his raspy old voice.


It took Maru full ten seconds to blink at the highest person in Johnny’s Entertainment in shock before he murmured.


“Are—are you sure? Me? Is this real? Is it really me? Will it be okay if it’s me?”


Johnny-san chuckled again and buzzed his secretary to bring Maru a glass of water before they can proceed to talk about business.


Ueda, Koki and Kame were in KAT-TUN office when Maru came back.


“Is everything alright?” Kame asked, brows knitted together in anxiety.


“Hmh” Maru answered. And staggered to the nearest chair. His face was pale. More worried than ever, Kame turned to Koki and mouthed in silence, “You know something about this?”, and Koki shook his head.


Maru’s hands were shaking as he put his face in those. Kame, Ueda, and Koki were officially freaked out.


Ueda put his hand on Maru’s shoulder, “Whatever it is, we will help you with it, ne” he said gently.


“What the hell is happening, Yucchi? What did that old bat told you, huh? Did he punish you or anything? What the crap did you ever do anyway, you’re the sanest of all! You never did anything wrong!”


Maru said something, but his voice was muffled with his hands. Kame pulled Maru’s hands out of his face, “What? I can’t understand a thing! Say it again”


Maru took a breath, and answered very fast in one go, “Johnny-sansaidI’llhaveasolostageshownextyear”


Several seconds of silence, as three of his friends were blinking to him in confusion. “I didn’t catch that” Ueda confessed. “Did you?” he asked to Kame.


“I swear that I’m going to go up there and put some sense into that old wrinkling greedy full of shit son of a—“ Koki muttered, marching to the door, understanding nothing of what Maru said but concluding that it was the worst anyway, fully determined to go to Johnny-san’s office that very moment.


Kame had the chance to grip the back of Koki’s jacket and drag him bag to the couch and to Maru, “You’re not going up there and make trouble for yourself, one member in problem at a time is enough, thank you very much” he said sharply, glaring to Koki, and immediately changed his tone to a softer one to Maru, “Maru…what is it? You have to tell us, you know. Just take a deep breath and tell us slowly, and I guarantee we will find a way to make it right again”


“Solo show. Next year. Me” Maru tried to explain. Tried to be coherent with all the jumbling rush of feelings in his head.


No reaction.


It was Ueda who first recovered, “You mean, Johnny-san didn’t say anything bad to you? And he even said that he will give you a solo show next year?”


Maru nodded vehemently, relieved that Ueda could understand.


“Hontou ni?” said Kame.


Maru smiled a weak smile to confirm it.


“WHOAH! YUCCHI! THAT’S AWESOME!” Koki exclaimed, pulling Maru’s hand and half shaking, half hugging it.


“Omedetto, Maru! It’s a great chance for you!” Kame said, punching Maru’s shoulder gently and sat beside him on the couch. “I think we should celebrate it tonight” he suggested, while Maru gradually smiled wider, slumping on his seat.


“Who cares about the rule? I’m out guys, I’m going to buy champagne now. You all stay here and wait for me” Ueda said, wearing his jacket and searched for his car keys, smiling as wide as Maru. “Good news, after all. That’s a rare occasion when you’re summoned so suddenly by Johnny-san ne. And I think the outcome means celebration right now. See you soon, guys, I’ll buy two bottles. Too bad we don’t have proper champagne glasses…” he said, trailing off.


“Do you think I have to buy glasses too?” Ueda asked Kame.


“The mugs will do”


“Baka. Who the hell ever drink champagne in mugs? I’ll buy the glasses too” Ueda concluded.



“In a few months time, Beast and Beauty will end.” The editor announced.


“I don’t want to end it…” commented Rie gloomily.


The whole table then looked up at Rie. Rie nervously fisted her fingers, then whined, “Mou, I don’t want to end it. That manga is my baby! What will I do without it?”


Sayaka patted her back. “I know exactly what you feel. But you can’t just follow what you want and prolong it!”


“Why can’t I! I’m the mangaka, damn it! I can do whatever I want with the story! I’ll make Kujo the leading guy erm—erm—lost consciousness. Yes. And then Saki will have to strive to get him healthy again, because he had amnesia and—“


“Don’t be ridiculous!” the chief editor interrupted with an annoyed tone. “We have everything scheduled, Takeba-san! You have presented the storyline to us, and you will finish this manga according to that. Don’t tell me you haven’t finish writing the ending yet!”


The chief editor, who is well respected by the whole company, was glaring to Rie. Rie could only look down and felt she wanted to shrink in her chair.


“But, Buchou, you don’t know, you won’t understand, how I like writing this. I will be clueless without it. I know this is not my first time ending a manga, but Beast and Beauty is my favorite so far. I just—I don’t want to let go!”


The editor scrutinized Rie for a moment, and then, with a hand on his chin, said, “Well, there is always the easiest solution for your depression”


“What is it?”


“Just write a new one” he said, waving a hand, like it’s the simplest matter in the world.


“But I don’t even have a new idea…” Rie responded in a defeated tone.


The chief editor asked dangerously, “It is scheduled to be published in three months and you don’t have the idea?”


“Gomen na sai…”


Her friend suddenly hit the table so loud everybody jumped in their seats. “I know!”


“What?” they all asked.


“I have an idea! How about if you write a manga about KAT-TUN!”


Rie’s eyes went wide. And she said in a silent whisper, only her lips moved, glaring as hard as she could to her friend, “Have you got mad?”


“Do you know, Buchou? KAT-TUN, the famous group from Johnny’s Entertainment?”


The chief editor’s expression scrunched for a bit, as he was trying to recollect. Mika ran to the window and pulled the curtain, presenting the view of the building across them where there stood proudly KAT-TUN’s billboard, promoting their latest single. “I’m talking about these guys”


“Oh I know KAT-TUN. I like their song “Lips”, it was a JE band? I thought it is J-Rock” the editor commented.


“Write about them, Rie”


“She will have to do some research” the editor said.


“She won’t find it too hard to do” Mika said proudly, while Rie was busy giving a signal of “Don’t” by forming her hands in a cross “No” and mouthing “Don’t you dare!”


“Because,” Mika continued, “She is the friend of one of the member of KAT-TUN, Nakamaru Yuichi!”


Rie put her head on the desk.


Mika, who seemed to be on fire, continued by grabbing one of the tabloids from the neat pile at the corner of the room. She flipped it and presented it to the meeting table. “Look here, Oricon Chart. They sell 400,000 copies of their latest single!”


“Imagine if it’s the number of this manga’s reader…” The chief editor murmured.


“Buchou, please don’t tell me you think this is a good idea!” Rie said, tugging at the man’s hand.


“I think this is a splendid idea!” Buchou said.


“But there are already mangas with this idea before. Idol lives…..it’s not something—“ Rie think to find a word that could change their mind of forcing her to write this manga,
”it not something original!”


“Rie! Look at all of those shoujo manga we publish year after year! Most of it have the same themes. A boy and girl fell in love! That’s the idea of shoujo manga, right? All of your other manga don’t have some strange different ideas, it depends on how you make the story interesting and unique in its own way!”


“And you could write in more edgy style, not prince-like images. Make them go through scandals, sufferings, betrayals, affairs, all of those things!”


“You’re creepy” Rie commented shortly.


“But remember to make sweet love stories too so girls will love it”


“How about if we make it more mature?”


“What do you mean?”


“Draw some steamy scenes!”


“You’re just a crazy fangirl” Rie said.


“And you are friends with Nakamaru! You can interview him AND his friends for inspiration”


“I can’t and I won’t. I will not use my friendship for—for—ideas!”


“And who was the original drawer of the Ugly Masaharu from your Beast and Beauty? Isn’t it Nakamaru-san?” Mika asked softly, so that the editors won’t hear it.


“It is decided. You will make this new manga about idol lives. Make the outline and I want it on my desk in two weeks”


“I have three hours free tomorrow after lunch, want to go and eat together somewhere?”


“And how will you manage eating together with me in daylight without being accused that you are dating me?” Rie asked skeptically, her voice was rather not clear on the phone as she was walking down a very crowded road.


“We’re not dating. So there’s nothing wrong with it if anybody made any gossip. I’m celebrating something, so I’ll treat you to eat somewhere nice”


“You’re celebrating something?” Rie asked, excited and stopped walking, so people bumped on her and Maru could hear her muttering “Ittai!” for half a dozen times. “Gomen, now I’m at safe place. What happened?”


“I’ll tell you when I see you. You can have a surprise, why can’t I?”


“You’re mean….”


The distinguished chinese restaurant was not full that hour, and so they succeeded in securing a table in the second floor, near the window, where Rie was sure no one will pay too much attention to them since there were sitting near the small bamboo pots.


Maru was cutting his shumay in his plate when Rie ask, “So who’s first to tell?”


“I’ll say we determine it with rock paper scissor”




Maru won, he was scissor while Rie was paper.


Smiling triumphantly, Maru drank his green tea then said, “I will have my solo stage show next year”


Rie started to smile though she was a bit unsure, “You mean like a concert but only you alone, without your friends?”


“Yeah. Me as hm, me, hai, not KAT-TUN”


“That’s great! Wow! Omedetto!” Rie said, “Oh this is happy day! It’s not often, right, to be given an opportunity like this?”


“I feel really honored”


“Kanpai!” Rie said, and they toasted with her guava juice and his green tea.


“I’m very happy for you! I’ll go and watch, of course! Unless you’re afraid I’ll bring you bad luck?”


“Silly, of course I want you to come! I’ll give you a free ticket”


“No!” Rie rejected, waving her hand as a warning in front of Maru’s face, “I’ll buy it. I want to feel like a fan”


“So you’re not my fan already?”


“Not really, but maybe after watching that show I will be. Don’t give up hope Yuichi. And now my turn”


Maru munched his shumay, “Yeah your turn, what is this surprise you said? I’m dying to know”


“Well, there are two things” Rie said, hoping this will turn out the way she expected it.


“One, here” she said, giving Maru her cellphone.


Maru took it and look at the screen. “Taka—shima Aya’s number?”




“How did you get this?” Maru asked, apparently delighted with the surprise, mouth wide and gaping.


“By stalking her blog, stalking her in the literal meaning, faking a sickness, and a lot of crossing my fingers for luck!”


Maru was beaming at Rie with shiny eyes. He reached for her hand and squeezed it. “Thank you! So much! How did you do it?”


“I came to her Mezamashi show one day, and purposefully hit her on the corridor and pretended that my head was badly hurt by the collision”


“But you weren’t hurt?”


“Not at all. I acted all out, making whining sounds and pretending I want to faint. She believed me. She was really nice, you know. I think she fits you really well”


“Thank you! I just—I’m amazed that you did that for me”


“That’s my thank you gift. You helped a lot, you know. From yelling at me to sleep properly, to scanning my manga. You listened to me, ate with me, helped me bought drawing supplies, and many more. I want to gift you something, you know. I think that you have a lot. But I know you don’t have a girlfriend, and you like this girl, but never had the chance to be with her. So I tried my best to find out about her. I hope now that you have her number, you will have that chance to win her heart”


“….I’m speechless” Maru said, flattered and grateful.


“Great. Just shut up and copy that number”


And Maru complied.


“What is number two?”


Rie looked down. Her shoulders sagged. “The other one, is not a really good news”


Maru looked up from his cellphone, “Is there something wrong with you?”


“N—no. It’s….my Chief Editor said that I should make a manga…about—eh..” Rie stopped, nervously grabbing her juice and grip it tight, “it’s about KAT-TUN. Or at least based on KAT-TUN”


“What?” Maru asked, “A manga about us?”


“I told him! I told him it’s impossible! It’s not my line. I don’t know how to make anything more serious than high school romance!”


“You’re using me. And this number is a bribery” Maru accused, narrowing his eyes.


“That’s impossible! How could I use you, Yuichi! This is not even what I want! This is because I still have no idea of what to make after Beast and Beauty ends. It’s not even my idea! Using you! Bribery? Really! If I want to use you, I should’ve placed a camera in my bathroom so I can have a video of you showering and sell it to the press! I would never—“


Maru broke out in a laugh. “Easy, okay. Relax, joudan yo! I didn’t mean it”


Rie gritted her teeth but then sigh. “I thought you were really angry! Now don’t you ever act like that again, it’s scary. And besides, you don’t agree, right? I also think it’s impossible”


“What kind of manga?”


“Oh” Rie stopped to swallow some of her crab soup, “Suffering for fame. Journey from kids to adulthood. All the things to sacrifice to be that diva on billboards, those kind of thing” she waved her hand like dismissing the matter as unimportant.


Maru stopped eating and just listened.


“My chief ed wants it to be more mature. Not like what I always make. Serious scenes, serious sensual and love scenes. Betrayals, scandals, and so on. Of course we have to make it likable for girls too, so we won’t make any of you a real bad guy, just wrong decisions during the walk to the top. But I don’t think I’m the right person for this, besides, I think no one in KAT-TUN will agree. It’s not your real story, but based on you all. You won’t agree, will you?”


“Actually….I think it’s a good idea, Rie-chan. Make it” Maru said.


Rie’s spoon fell to her plate, splashing some of the content to the table cloth. Panic, she hurriedly dabbed it with her napkin. “You scared me. How will I do it? Besides, I don’t think the rest of your group will agree”


“I think they will. Why not?”


“But…but I think your big boss won’t agree. People can’t use his idols as images without his consent right?”


“Make a proposal and the main storyline. And give it to Johnny-san”


“You can’t be serious!” Rie said, eyes wide.


“What are you afraid of?” Maru asked, in the sincere tone that Rie could never muster the strength to lie to.


“I have no confidence in this. I write high school romance, okay! Not some super manga about idols! I will mess it up!” she said, her eyes pleading for him to agree and just saves her from the trouble.


Maru reached out and pat her head. “I think it’s a great idea. And there is no way you will mess it up. Tell your boss and editor to help you make a proposal of the manga. I will personally give it to Johnny-san”


Rie sat motionless. Because she knew, if Maru said he would, he would really do that. “This is not the respond I was hoping for….”


Author’s Note :

This is a very late birthday present for yuae. I hope you like this one. Happy birthday again and good luck in your trip to Japan.

For Anna or chloe17 who once poke me to continue my fics. I hope this worth the wait.

For Katsumi : thank you all of your support. For answering my looong email one day when I was feeling really down. That means a lot to me

And for Chika, who said she missed me ***hugs hugs***


This chapter was written during times full of confusion and worry for me. So I hope the result is still worth reading. It’s hard to find time and sit and write, nevertheless, I enjoy it when I finally did.


Next, I will bring myself to update chapter five and Behind His Jokes together. I hope it won’t be this long in updating.


And please, please comment if you read! You will make me really happy.


See you next time!


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