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January 2017

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It Started with a Kiss

Zhi Shu, Xiang Qin and their family when they were still in high school.

For this past two months, I’ve been watching It Started With A Kiss (ISWAK) and got obsessed by it. ISWAK was aired in Taiwan on 2006 and got very good ratings. My friend Sari watched it then but I was reluctant. It was because I really love Itazura na Kiss, the dorama, and was lazy to watch another version. By the way I had a crush for three months for Takashi Kashiwabara when I was 18. He was one cool guy.


And then I wanted to watch something light, sweet, and fun so I tried to watch ISWAK. It was really good! I really love it! Not just love it, I’m currently obsessed with ISWAK, They Kiss Again (TKA), Ariel Lin, Joe Zhen, and the Arjoe shipping.


It Started with a Kiss told us a story about Xiang Qin, her love and life. She is clumsy and far from smart, yet with a kind heart, bubby attitude, and a sincerity that could melt ice. She was lucky enough to enter a prestigious high school. At that school, there was six classes, where the A class is for the smartest, and the F class is for the less smart students. She was placed to F class.


At the entrance ceremony, she saw Zhi Shu and immediately fell in love with him. Zhi Shu was the exact opposite of Xiang Qin. He is a genius with a 200 IQ. A very smart boy, tall, handsome face, and a knack of doing everything perfectly.


So Xiang Qin fell deeply and finally, in the third year of high school, decided to give Zhi Shu a love letter to confess her love for him. She was so nervous she half fainted. And Zhi Shu said, “Don’t you have anything better to do with your life?”.


As much as all the perfection in him, Zhi Shu was not perfect after all. He is very cold. He doesn’t laugh, hate, feel excited, or angry. He is practically emotionless. He has no friends and spent his days like a clock. Yet he is the most popular guy in school and all the girls are after him. He just felt annoyed with it all.


One day, because of an earthquake, Xiang Qin’s house is ruined. His father decided to move to his best friend’s house. To Xiang Qin’s surprise, his father’s best friend is Zhi Shu’s parents! So from then on, Xiang Qin moved there and lived in the same house with Zhi Shu. From then on they got closer, because Zhi Shu’s mom encouraged them to be together. Zhi Shu tutored Xiang Qin and then there’s where everything started.


A lot of things happened. A beautiful, smart rival came by. And there is always this huge gap that makes Xiang Qin felt she is not worthy for Zhi Shu. But she stubbornly pursue him, though she got lots of cold remarks for him, but gradually, as they went through a lot together, they became more important to one another.

The opening theme for ISWAK, titled "Say U Love Me" by Jason and Lara with Eng Sub.