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January 2018

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1, 2, 3, 4, 7 Years Later (Part 1)

Ueda’s Tale : The Epilogue

1, 2, 3, 4, 7 Years Later

Warning : Lots of Fluff!

One Year After

“It was almost 14.00 as Marie-Therese descended the stairs and walked to the park at Tokyo University of Arts. It was a warm summer day and it feels refreshing to go out in the fresh open air after hours of learning to play the harp at the classroom. She walked faster.

“Marie!” someone called her. She heard it but pretended she didn’t and continue walking.

“Marie! Marie-Therese! Wait!”

Sighing, Marie finally stopped and turned back at the guy.

“What is it Kevin?”

“Care to go for a lunch with me?” the guy finally reached her and stopped in front of her.

Without hesitation she answered, “Sorry, I can’t”

“Come on. You must feel hungry after that class!”

“I’m in a hurry” Marie smiled a little and hurriedly walked down a few steps.

“Wait!” Kevin said, rushing and caught Marie’s wrist, “I’ve known you for months, Marie. All of these time, I ask you to go out with me, but you always refuse! Why? One lunch won’t hurt you!”

“Kevin, I told you, I can’t!”

“You have someone already?”

“Yes I have! And I told you that once” Marie answered warily.

“But I never see you with him! You’re just lying to avoid me!” he said persistently. Kevin stood there, very tall and looming above Marie.

“I’m not lying! I can’t go out with you!”


“I’m married. Okay?”

Kevin stood rooted to the spot and stared wide eyed at Marie. And then he shook his head and laughed.

“You? Married? That’s impossible! How old are you? 18?”

“19. And I am married. See?” Marie said, showing her ring to Kevin.

That gesture totally shut Kevin’s mouth, as he stared, once again, to the ring in Marie’s hand.

“With that man over there” Marie pointed.

And sure, Ueda Tatsuya was there. He was at the parking lot, 30 meters away. Wearing T-shirt and jeans, leaning on his car, talking and laughing to someone in his cellphone, his wedding ring glinting under the sun.

“I have to go now, he is waiting for me. Goodbye!”

Kevin stood ashen faced as he watched the crush of his life for this several months is walking away to her husband.
As she walked closer, he stopped talking at his cellphone and just stay there, unmoving, a little smile on his face as she half run to him.

He smiled wider as she arrived in front of him and he, half hugging, half patting her back with one hand opened the car door for her. She was smiling brightly and entered the car. He in turn, entered the car too. And then the car moved and disappeared.
Two Years Later

One day, Marie-Therese’s pictures were posted on the internet by Ueda’s fans. She was standing at the street, waiting for the green light to pass the road, wearing a yellow dress, holding a cup of Starbucks.

The pictures surprisingly, got a lot of responses on the internet and tabloids, completely without the knowledge of Marie or Ueda.

A letter than came to Marie. From Elite Model Look. Requesting her to be their model.

“Ueda…” Marie called, as they walked to their car in the morning.


“Here’s a letter” she said, waving a red envelope to Ueda.

“What is it?”

She gave it to him.

He looked at the letter and then stood frozen.

Elite? Model? His Marie-Therese?

“What do you think?”

Model? People watching and drooling over her face in magazines…Posing with various styles with minimum clothes…Even posing with underwear, lingerie…..

Horror-stricken, he blurted “Don’t!”

Marie bit back a smile and entered the car. He was gripping the steering wheel so hard his knuckles went white. “…Please” he added.

“Okay” she agreed easily.

His grip loosened and he heaved a relieved sigh. “Thank God”.
Three Years Later

“I have this weekend off!” Ueda shouted, almost finished racing the staircase to his bedroom, “Marie, let’s go to—“he suggested excitedly but stopped dead when he saw what Marie was doing. She was packing a suitcase and was cleaning her violin as Ueda came in.

Ueda stood motionless at the door. “You’re going somewhere? Concert abroad?”

Marie turned to look at him. “Why yes. Oh no. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten?” Marie asked with concern as she watched Ueda’s face laced with disappointments.

“I’ve told you I have a concert with the orchestra at Vienna tomorrow”

Ueda approached him with a rejected look.

“Should you really go? I was thinking of taking you on a date tomorrow…..since it’s been ages since I have a day off”

“Oh Ueda…I would love to stay here, but I would fail this semester if I don’t go”

He saw her passport on top of the folded clothes and snatched it. “I’m confiscating this!”

“What do you mean?” Marie asked, half annoyed, half amused.

“I’m not allowing you to go”

Marie came at him and tried to snatch the passport back. Ueda stood on the bed and held her passport high on his hand.

“Give it back to me!” Marie said, jumping up and down, trying to reach it. Ueda started to laugh and his mood turned from down to playful.

“Ueda! UEDA!”

Feeling angry, Marie pushed Ueda and he fell on the bed, but managed to grab her and they fell together. “Ittai!” Ueda hissed, as Marie’s body fell on his. Marie sat up and smacked his shoulder.

“Serves you right!”

He brushed his shoulder, trying to ease the pain.

“…..you really have to go, huh?” Ueda asked.

“Yes. Like you have to follow your every single non stop schedule” Marie huffed, brushing her bangs off her face. But it seems like the temperature changed in a second.

They stopped and looked at each other. He was lying on his back and she sat between his knees.

She smiled down at him.

It is mysterious, really. How after being married for three years, six years after knowing Marie-Therese, there are still magical moments like this. When everything stops and they were left together in the world and his heartbeat turned faster just by being close to her. When his insides scream proudly, “You’re mine! You’re mine! You’re mine!”.

Marie felt her throat was dry. It is quite immobilizing, the effect of Ueda’s eyes on him. More truthfully, Ueda has a very big effect on her, in every way, in everything he does.

Have you found someone, the one who became your universe? Is he that important, until you feel that he carried your soul? Have you spend your days being thankful, thankful that it was you that he set eyes upon, and not others? Have you sometimes, realized that you, once again, have lost realization of time and place and have just spent the last minutes, saying, “I love you, I love you, I love you” in your heart while you were looking at him? Yes, yes, yes.

“I surrender” Ueda said suddenly.

Marie blinked. “Wh—what?”

Ueda chuckled. “I don’t know. I just feel like saying it. I have this stupid vulnerable feeling every time you look at me like that” he smiled, caressing her arm.

“Good luck with the concert”

“Thank you”

Ueda sighed, feeling content with the pretty scene in front of him.

He reached for her shoulders and pulled her closer. “Now, while we’re at the right position, how about you being on top for once?”

He could felt Marie stiffened uncomfortably and smirked when she blushed. “No. I—I really think it’s always better if you—“she stammered as he pulled her even closer and their faces were only inches from one another. “Try” he said, “Who knows, maybe you will enjoy it. I know I will”.
He called her that day, after he calculated the time difference and after he got home after a full day of preparing his solo concert.




“Hi Ueda!”

“How did your concert go?”

“Smooth without any incidents”

“That’s great…..”

“We’re all very relieved. The viewers were all middle aged people. They look so serious. But in the end they clapped their hands and we were so--”

“Can you come home now?” Ueda cut in.


“I said, can you come home now?”

“But my plane is tomorrow at 11.00!”

“I know. But can you come home now?”

“…..Why?” Marie asked.

He could tell that she was smiling and it was that teasing tone in her voice that she always used to make him say the words she wanted to hear and he reluctant to say.

“You know why…..”

“Well then, why Ueda?”

Ueda sighed. “It’s obvious isn’t it? I miss you…..”

Marie giggled thousands miles away. “I miss you too. But it’s only a day difference, I’ll go home tomorrow, okay?”

“It’s a whole one day difference………..” Ueda said, closing his eyes.

It’s an old thing to do, but Ueda used to count when he waited for her answers. So there he went 1. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…………

“…..I’ll pack now and go to the airport”

He opened his eyes wide and sat straight, “Hontou?”

“Oui. I can’t stand your pleading voice, and it’s rare to listen to it anyway”

He laughed. “I’ll pick you up at the airport”

“So, Ueda, how was your day?” she started.

Oh. To hell with long distance rate!

“Today was…”
Four years later

Ueda woke up in the morning and sat at his bed. He rubbed his eyes and started to dig his sleepy brain to remember his schedule that day. And then he turned around.

Finally, she is able to sleep. She has been fidgeting and turning for hours until she could sleep. She had cramps these days and had trouble in sleeping.

She had the blanket covering her body to her neck and had her hands on her belly, like hugging the baby inside.

Ueda sighed.

You still look like a child, despite the fact that you are carrying our child now.

Somehow, he felt his eyes watering.

Feeling his stare, Marie stirred and opened her eyes.

Ueda felt his breath hitched the moment she looked at him.

“What time is this?” she asked.

“Five thirty”

“Give me ten minutes. And then I’ll accompany you at breakfast”

He rubbed her arm soothingly. “It’s okay. Sleep again”

“No. I mean it. I will go and eat with you”

She was already closing her eyes again. He lied down again and pulled her close, hugging her and running his hand on her forehead. “Are you alright?”

She is easily tired these days and a little anaemic.

“Hmm…? I’m in perfect condition, Ueda”

He snuggled closer and put his chin on her shoulder, gently rubbing her big belly. She was always so slim, it feels weird to hold her fatter body now.

Marie smiled, still with her eyes closed. “I love you too. If that’s what you want to say. We love you”.

He kissed her neck and put his hand under her head, so that she was sleeping on it. And sighed again of contentment. He, Marie-Therese, and their child in her. Paradise.


OMG! Ueda`s Tale Epilogue! ♥ LOL i`m so happy right nooowww XDXDXD
I hope you like it!
i'm saving this for now. it's the much awaited epilogue ne.
i'm back, i told you i'll read it today but i can't resist myself so i read it last night. this is so sweet...
He reached for her shoulders and pulled her closer. “Now, while we’re at the right position, how about you being on top for once?”

He could felt Marie stiffened uncomfortably and smirked when she blushed. “No. I—I really think it’s always better if you—“she stammered as he pulled her even closer and their faces were only inches from one another. “Try” he said, “Who knows, maybe you will enjoy it. I know I will”.

***naughty Tat-chan***
seriously i just love Ueda's tale from start to end
LOL. The sooner you read the more fun for me, Anna.

Yeah, naughty Tat-chan!

I'm always happy to know that you like my story. Writing has become some kind of therapy for me. My days at the office is hard, and this fic feels sweet. I think it means I want to feel easy and light and carefree.
YAY~~~~!!! EPILOGUE !!! <33333 I've been waiting this !XDD

I loved it, so much flufffffff~ ♥♥
Thanks for writing so lovely fic ! :))
You're welcome!

Yes, I love fluff. Ueda and Marie-Therese needs lots of fluff.

Thank you for reading this, Eeiji.
*grin endlessly*
nice..nice..nice and super NICE!!
genki all the way~~
Thank youuuuuu!

Glad you like it.
aww... that was so cute and heart warming... i feel so tingly inside.. almost like when it's christmas.. XD
thank you! It means a lot to me if anyone feels happy by reading my fic. Thank you so much for reading and liking this fic.
OMG i love this~!!! ♥♥♥!
ueda is a hopeless romantic hubby~
love him in this~ =D
Isn't Ueda as a hopeless romantic hubby sounds so adorable?

Thank you so much for reading this!
LOLOLOLOL I have a cousin named Marie-Therese and my second name is Marie-Madeleine. Heehee.

NICE STORY BY THE WAY. I'm going to have to read it from the start. :>
LOL. Must have felt weird to read a fic and you know someone with that name. Actually I came up with the name Marie-Therese because it's the name of the eldest daughter of Marie Antoinette. But I guess it's rather a common name in France or Europe.

Thank you for reading this. If you really want to read the whole fic then ganbatte ne, because it's very long...(but I will be happy if you read it LOL).
i had some time on my hands so i was like yeah what to read and since this was only short so i was like must read O_O ill will read the other soon! thoim like sooo far behind but i have some free time this weekend! yay! =]
Hi! Nice to see your name again. I hope you will like this!