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February 2017

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Purely Platonic Chapter 3

Title : Purely Platonic
Pairing : Nakamaru/ a girl
Genre : Friendship, romance, humour
Rating : General
Flame : No, please
Summary : Nakamaru Yuichi found 2008 to be a very busy year. Concerts and all of those idols rituals, plus he's in Waseda now. But several things changed in his life. He will have a girl as a best friend, who made his life more enjoyable and meant a lot for him, and he finally confessed to the girl he has like for two years. Let's go see through Maru's life and feelings.....

Chapter Three : Curiosity Will Kill You

Summary : KAT-TU had enough of being curious and decided to stalk Maru to be able to see Rie.

It was 22.30 on Friday night and KAT-TUN has finally finished their activity for the day. Maru has said goodbye so soon, saying, “Jaa ne guys, I’ll see you on Monday!”, leaving five guys looking knowingly to each other.

“So,” Ueda began, already buttoned up his black mantle and held his bag with one hand, “shall we do it?”

“Of course!” Koki said.

“If we don’t, we’ll die because of the suspense” said Jin, frowning to the door, where Maru was last seen.

“I’m very curious too. So if this won’t hurt anyone, why not doing it? What Yucchi doesn’t know, will not hurt him” Kame said.

“I somehow think we’re like planning to rob a bank” Junno voiced out, giggling nervously, and that earned a very hard smack at the back by Koki.

“Okay, let’s go” Ueda decided, who will be the leader of the mission.

“Wait, we should toss together!” yelled Jin.

“Sorry, I don’t toss” Ueda declared.

“The hell you don’t! Of course we have to! Yukan Club does that before every mission!” Jin insisted.

Four pair of eyes were looking tiredly at the 24 years old supposed to be one of the coolest, sexiest man in Japan, who was currently pouting very un-idolish in front of them.

“We toss or I don’t go!” Jin threatened.

“Then don’t go. See ya!” Ueda said, marching to the door.

“Tat-chaaaaaaaaaaaaan!” Jin whined.

“Oi, oi, let’s just toss then. Jin will grumbles for a week and asked “What happened?” a thousand times if he didn’t go with us! Come on, let’s just do it and go” Kame reasoned.

Four hands, not so eagerly, joined the hand of a very eager Jin.

As they piled their hands together, Jin said, “Making the impossible possible…..”

“Oh! Puh-lease!” Koki, Ueda, and Kame whined of the absurdity.

“SAY IT!” Jin barked, “It won’t kill you!”

“Fine” Kame said, annoyed, “Let’s just finished this and go”

“Making the impossible possible…..” Jin started again,

“IS WHAT KAT-TUN ALL ABOUT!” they all said unison. Jin beamed happily, and then they all finally went out of the room, turning the lights off.

“Geez, if we didn’t waste so much time over tossing back there, we would’ve been able to follow Yucchi’s car” Koki grumbled.

“True” Ueda agreed.

Four pair of eyes looking at the one person to blame, while Jin fidgeted from one feet to another in a guilty expression. They were standing beside the security post of JE building at the front gate, after the head of security in charge confirmed that Maru has left driving his car five minutes ago.

“We could just go to the girl’s apartment” Ueda suggested.

“Knock on the door and say ‘Hi, can we drop by?’” Kame asked in a mocking tone.

“I’ll think of something on the way” Ueda then said.

“Ano,” Junno interrupted, “wouldn’t it be easier if we just ask Maru to introduce his girlfriend to us?”

“You’re in or not, Junno? If not, you can just go home now” Ueda said coldly.

“Gomen! I’m in! Of course! It’s just that—“

“Then be quiet and just follow” Ueda said again.

“Which car will we use?”

“Mine? It’s the biggest” Jin offered, to wash away his earlier mistake. And he was true. Since he owned an SUV.

“Great idea” Ueda patted Jin’s shoulder, “for once”

“You’re mean!” Jin said to Ueda.

“Whatever. Hurry up guys!” Ueda said, and his three friends followed him. Kame stayed behind for a moment to inform the security officer that he, Koki, Ueda, and Junno will leave their car at JE building tonight.

“Yup, this is it” Kame informed, directing Jin to enter the entrance of an apartment complex where he remembered Rie lived in.

“But what should we do now? Just come in and knocked on her door? I think it’s impossible” said Junno skeptically.

As they stopped at the security post at the gate, Ueda opened the window.

“Excuse me,” Ueda greeted politely, and the guard acknowledged him as politely with touching his cap.

“Can we know please, is the car with plate number XX-XXXX-XX is parked here?” Ueda asked, showing a piece of paper to the guard.

“Wait a moment please” he said, and searched in his computer.

“It was here, but the car has left. Just a short while ago”

“With the resident of this apartment?”

“Yes, she greeted me when they passed”

“Ah, we just missed them…” Ueda said with regret, “What was the apartment number you said?”

“Oh Takeba-san? It was 19-78”

“Right. Sorry for troubling you. We will go to find our friends, we had an appointment but they left the apartment! Must be because they forget—again”

The guard seems happy for little chats and answered cordially, “Probably. That Takeba-san is quite forgetful. It’s very common for her to run back up again when she wants to go out, because she forgot to bring something”

“Ah yeah she is like that” Ueda agreed something he has no knowledge about, “Okay, sorry for troubling you, Sir. We’ll go now”.

With that, Jin turned the car to the way out, while he breathed, “Tat-chan, you are SO scary!”

Ueda chuckled.

“I can’t believe he just gave the room number of Rie-san just like that! That trick was so obvious!” Kame exclaimed in awe.

“He didn’t realize at all that you tricked him!” Junno exclaimed, shaking his head in total bewilderment.

“And you even know Yucchi’s car number!” Koki said.

“I took a picture of the plate number this morning” Ueda informed.

Four heads turned to him, including the one who was driving the car.

“What?” Ueda asked, biting back another laugh, “did you guys even think that I would come unprepared? I wouldn’t. And Jin, look at the road, Baka!”

Jin obeyed and they were saved from the danger of hitting another car.

“Now what do we do?” Jin asked.

“Hmm….” Ueda considered. “I think Maru would not go too far away, maybe he just went out with Rie to buy some food. Why don’t we try circling this road?”

Another turn and they were back at Shibuya. It’s just in another end, opposite from JE building. The long road was alive in blazing lights. People laughing and preparing for a long night at the clubs, lovers walking hand in hand, people with casual clothes going for a late night shopping at the konbinis…..

“So many restaurants…..which one would he choose?” Koki wondered.

“Why don’t we just call Maru and ask where he is?”

Ueda rolled his eyes and glared at Junno. “Junno, I repeat for I don’t know how many times, we’re stalking Maru, okay? Got it? There’s no point if he knows that we’re doing it! Honestly, you’re so thick sometimes!”

Ueda would explode if he heard one more stupid comments. Jin just heat up the situation with saying,

“Junno, when Tat-chan said something like that, you should be angry, and punch him or something!”

“Oh I would like to see him punching me!” Ueda threatened.

“You guys know me….I rather live in peace, thank you very much” Junno raised his hand in an attempt to neutralize Ueda’s rising annoyance with him.

“Hey, it’s an Ando shop! See there!” Koki pointed to the big shiny board several meters away. “I heard this morning that Yucchi wants an Ando. I bet he went there”

“And there’s a stationery shop beside it! Perfect! Maybe he really went there with her!”

“Whoa! It’s Maru’s car!” Kame pointed excitedly to the car, “He must be there! Jin, park the car!”

They were lucky to find an empty spot at the right side of the road, a little distance from the car, for they can’t park directly in front of the shops.

They sat silently for several minutes, and then surely enough, Maru came out of the stationery shop with Rie, holding shopping bags in their hands.

“It’s them!” five guys shrieked, moving forward to the front window to get a better view.

“They look very relaxed…..” Kame commented.

For indeed they were walking leisurely to the car, laughing and Rie shoved Maru’s shoulder hard, probably as the respond of his joke.

“Damn, I want to see her face…..” Koki muttered, because of the direction, all they could see was Maru and Rie’s backs.

“I saw her face once, when I dropped them” Kame said to Koki. “She looks okay, the sweet type”.

“Look, they are leaving!” Junno said.

Jin immediately started his car again.

“No, wait!” Ueda stopped him. “Wait a moment, don’t directly follow them, Maru will see us!”

Ueda waited until four cars passed, then signaled Jin to go. They went back to the apartment.

“Your friend has just arrived” the same guard reported, as they were checking in and was given the Guest card.

“We know” Ueda answered, “We’re going to hang out here”

They then proceeded inside and parked in front of the apartment buildings.

“Four buildings…which one should we—“ Jin hasn’t finished his sentence when Junno exclaimed,

“Maru’s car!” pointing to the second apartment building from the right.

They then entered the glass doors and walked to the receptionist.

“Good evening, Sir, how can I help you?” the girl asked. If they know who they were, she didn’t betray a thing.

“Yes, we would like to visit our friend at room 19-78” Kame said.

“The owner is at the apartment at the moment, I will call Takeba Rie-san” she efficiently picked up the phone and pushed several buttons but Kame caught her hand.

The girl blushed and stammered, “A—anything wrong, Kamenashi-san?”

“Ah. You know me?” Kame asked, flashing one of his smiles that has proved useful in many other situations before.


Kame let go of her hand but leaned further to the counter, “Could you please not call Takeba Rie-san? Don’t inform her that we’re coming”.

“I—it’s actually against the rules…..” she tried.

Kame leaned even closer, putting the distance away between him and the girl.

“You will ruin our surprise…..”Kame said, half whispering, making the girl immobile and looking at him with a dazed expression.

“Can’t you help me? Please….”

“A—alright. I won’t informed the resident. You—you can just um—go upstairs”

Kame smiled and moved even closer, their faces only inches apart. The girl, as though hypnotized, closed her eyes. Kame grinned, patted the girl’s shoulder, bowed down, and then left. His friends were standing at the lobby’s corner, looking rather bored.

“What a sly flirt!” Jin mocked.

“Oh come on, that was a very handy skill of mine at situations like this”

“Yeah, right” Jin responded.

“It does help” Koki defended.

“I prefer you could do it faster though” Ueda complained.

“You wasn’t helping me, Tat-chan. You were standing lazily looking at your nails” Kame reminded, as they all entered the lift and Junno pressed 19.

“Here we go”

They all walked together until they found the room 19-78. And stood motionless there.

“Now what?” Junno asked.

“Our main goal is to see how she looks like, right. How the hell are we supposed to do that?” Jin asked impatiently.

“We can’t just barge in!” Kame reasoned.

Meanwhile, Koki pressed his ear at the door.

“I can’t hear anything” he informed uselessly.

“Of course you wouldn’t! This is a high class apartment Koki! Not some cheap place with thin doors!” Ueda told Koki.

“Hey, I’m just trying do something, now that we’re already here. Now what do you plan for us to do?” Koki asked to Ueda.

“I was actually planning on following them and made it seemed like we accidentally met wherever they chose to go, but this—I have to admit I have no idea what to do next”

Koki and Jin said together, “Bakayaro!”

“Sshhh! You guys are too loud!” Junno reminded.

“Why don’t we just knock and say ‘surprise!’? It’s not like we have any other choice. I really want to see them together and I want to see that girl’s face with my own eyes” Jin suggested.

“And how do we explain how we get here?” Kame asked Jin.

“Well, that’s easy. We can say that we…um—“

At that precise moment, the door suddenly flung opened. Koki fell inside the room, while the others gaped at a frowning Maru.

“I thought I heard noises. And then I thought I recognized the voices. When I peeked, you guys were bickering at the door”

“Hi, Yucchi!” Koki said as cheerfully as possible, standing up from his humiliating position.

“Hi Maru!” Kame, Ueda, Junno, and Jin followed. Junno even waved his hand to Maru, trying to lighten up the situation.

But Maru was far from lightening up. He looked like he wanted to strangle them all. Maru has rarely, if ever, get angry at them. Now that his face looked dark and he was glaring at them (which nobody can’t remember he ever did before) they felt a little scared and very guilty.

“Konnichiwa” Rie greeted, breaking the silence.

Five guys looked at them.

“We’re very busy at the moment, but if you all liked to come in, then dozou” Rie said, sitting at her desk.

“I’m sorry. They’re leaving” Maru said to Rie.

“I would love to sit for a while” Jin said. “I see you are in the middle of something”.

There were two other girls at the room, both sitting at the table at the carpet, papers strewn in front and around them.

“Hello. I’m Takeba Rie” Rie introduced herself, not moving from her desk, “these are my assistants, Miyuki and Ayame. We’re in the middle of finishing my latest chapter, due tomorrow at seven”

“Sorry for the intrusion” Kame bowed, apologizing whole heartedly.

“It’s nothing” Rie hurried to deny impatiently, half of her attention on the page she was drawing. “Food and drinks at the kitchen and fridge, I’m afraid it’s self service tonight, so please come in, and sit down wherever you please. Sorry for the small space and the mess. It’s usually a little beat neater than this” Rie said, now fully looking at her paper again.

They all came in and Maru closed the door.

“You guys were stalking at me!” Maru accused.

“Gomen” Koki said.

“Why the hell would you guys do that?” Maru asked, not comprehending.

“Because we were so God damn curious of her!” Jin answered.

“But you don’t need to try this hard”

“And YOU DIDN’T TELL US A THING!!!!!” Koki screamed.

Maru opened his mouth wide in shock.

“Why would you be curious? It’s nothing—“

“Yucchi, this is the first time you’re close with a girl. We wanted to know her too” Junno said.

“Why don’t you introduce us?” Ueda asked.

“Why should I have to?” Maru retorted back.

“Yucchi,” Kame began, “we’re friends for seven years. Of course we would like to know what is happening to you”

“I can’t see why you can’t just ask me, why should you stalked me?”

“Yuichi, please” Rie stopped the argument. “Ask them to sit down, offer them something. It’s okay, guys”. Rie stood up and walked to them.

“Hello, I’m Takeba Rie. An ordinary girl, mangaka, and just happened to be Yuichi’s friend. See? I have nothing special for you all to fuss about, no wings that I hide or a second head or something like that. And if you are wondering, no, I’m not a girlfriend. I am just a friend”

KAT-TUN were silent, standing there listening to her. And again, the non believing expressions of KAT-TU.

“We are not hiding a passionate love affair, if that’s what you’re thinking” Rie assured again. “Yuichi, stop looking at them like you want to kill them. Merciful suits you better”,
“Now, please, sit down, all of you” Rie said, pulling Junno’s hand, who was closest to her.

They then all sit at the carpet or the bed. While Maru opened the fridge and offered them juice and green tea.

Ayame accidentally knocked a bottle of ink, luckily Rie caught it before it reached the papers and Miyuki dried it with tissues. “Careful, Ayame. You’ll ruin it!”

“Gomen” she said in a weak, high voice, and then she turned to Jin,

“Akanishi-san, I’ve always been a fan of you” Ayame said.

“Oh, sou ka? Arigato ne”

Ayame couldn’t beam wider.

“You know what, now that you guys all here, we could use your help” Maru announced. “Nobody should refuse!” he warned, daring anyone to say no.

In the end, KAT-TU spend the night helping Rie finishing her last chapter. Kame and Ueda helped erasing the penciled shadows that was out of place. They had to do it really carefully, so they won’t ruin the actual drawings. Junno and Jin helped placing the tones (the background drawings). It was like a sticker which you have to brush a little on the paper. While Koki helped by making 4 frames at each sheet of paper with pencil and ruler.

Ayame and Miyuki helped drawing additional figures on the frame, beside the main characters, and Maru typed the dialogues on his laptop. In manga, the dialogues are written inside a balloon in each frame. Mangaka wrote the dialogue like a scenario, and then the editor will put it inside the manga with computer.

They chat throughout of it, with Rie, most of the time having to answer it. Like, “Takeba-san, how did you two first meet?”, or, “How does it feel to be a mangaka?” and, “Don’t you think our Maru is kakkoii?”. Maru forget how many times he had to stop them by saying, “Oi, oi, oi, stop disturbing her concentration!”.

One time, after two hours of helping, KAT-TU sneaked and peeked behind Rie’s shoulder, watching her creating a page from just a blank white sheet of paper, to a full manga page.

“Sugoi…….” they all whispered in awe.

“You drew really fast” Junno breathed.

“And very good”

“Arigato ne” Rie answered without any sense of pride, actually she was heard like she said it just to make them stop commenting.

“Have you ever take an art class?” Ueda asked.

“I never did. Too lazy to do that”

Ayame and Miyuki were stealing glances in between working at KAT-TUN, until Rie, though her back was on them, warned, “Onegai ne, stop staring at the guys and help me finish this”

“Hai” they both replied in unison and concentrate again.

Finally before three, the chapter was finished. They all sighed in relief and Rie collected every sheet and sort it properly from page one to the last.

“Come on let’s eat some sushi!”

“At 2.50 AM?” Kame asked, surprised and with red eyes.

“Why not? I’m hungry. Don’t you all?” Rie said happily. “We bought it earlier this night”.

They then eat together, eating the delicious food sleepily. When Maru and Rie cleaned up, everyone was already asleep. Jin, Junno, and Kame slept sitting on the couch. Ueda sat on a chair, eyes closed. Koki slept at the carpet, and Ayumi and Miyuki slept at another side of the carpet, wrapping themselves with a blanket.

“I exhausted your friends” Rie looked at them guiltily.

“They deserve it, for suddenly appearing like that”

“They were curious about me?” Rie asked.

“I didn’t know it until now” Maru frowned, looking at those guys sleeping in the room.

Rie was leaning at the kitchen sink while Maru was washing the dishes. She then stretched and rubbed her neck.

“Ittai desu ka?” Maru asked.

‘Hm ? Hai. I drew non stop for three days. But I’m used to it” Rie sighed tiredly. “I’m so bad at time managing. I should’ve finished it weeks ago. Though I said it for years already, still, I rushed to draw until the last minute on every deadline”

“You look rather pale, Rie. Here, let me help” Maru said, pulling her hand to make her stand closer and turn her around so he has access on her back. He then started massaging her neck.

“Ittai!”Rie hissed. “Yameteyo, yamete, Yu. I know you’re trying to help but it hurts!”

“Sshh! Hang on for a few seconds, the pain will stop and you will feel better” Maru said, forbidding her to run away, continuing to massage the back of her neck.

“Auw! Auw! Yameteyo…” Rie whined, flinching from the pain and holding to the kitchen sink surface.

“Hey, I already do this as gentle as I could”

Several seconds later and Rie’s breathing starting to be calmer.

“It does feel better now” Rie said.

“See? I told you so!” Maru smiled. “Try to work in a more proper hours will you? So you wouldn’t have to be this exhausted”

“Hai, sensei! I will!” Rie answered jokingly. “And sorry for bothering you again, as always. You take care of me too much lately”

“It’s nothing. It’s fun anyway” Maru replied, putting all the plates at the cupboard.

“I’m sleepy” Rie said.

“Then go to sleep. Now. I’m sleepy too” Maru said.

“Haaaaaaaai” Rie said and walked to her bed. She sank on it and sighed happily, rolling and hugged a pillow. “God, it feels like heaven!” she exclaimed. Maru opened a folded blanket and covered Rie’s body.

“I’m not cold”

“I know, but there are guys around”

Rie blinked, rather taken aback, then stopped herself from exploding in a laugh. “What? You don’t ask me to cover myself when it’s only you around. Aren’t you a guy too?”

“I am. But it’s me, I know you”

“Suit yourself, whatever. I can’t follow your logic right now. And because my mind is incoherent after three days non stop work, I will not make a debate over this. Though I could say what the hell and sleep naked if I want to and still though I sleep in a room full of men, they can’t touch me if I say so”

Maru smiled. “Very funny. And over my dead body”

“Who is talking about killing anyone? You’re too sleepy, you don’t follow what I said” Rie mumbled, comfortably covered and felt warm and was actually the one who can’t talk coherent already.

“I mean, you won’t be sleeping naked with KAT-TU in the room as long as I’m alive” Maru said, looking around the room.

“AH!” Rie yelled loudly.

“Nani? Suddenly you scream like that?”

“Where will you sleep?” Rie asked, sitting up.

The couch where Maru usually sleep was packed with Kame, Jin, and Junno.

“Oh, don’t bother. I’ll sleep at the carpet”

“There’s no space” she yawned and frowned at the same time.

“Sleep with me” she finally said.


“Where else? The kitchen? Not enough space, Yu”

Maru stood in doubt. He had been sleeping at her bed countless times before, but not with her on it.

“I don’t think we should” Maru rejected.

“Why? Am I too hot for you?” Rie teased.

Maru put his hands on his waist and chuckled, looking at Rie’s hair, untied and messy, the faded t-shirt, and the black bags under her eyes.

“You look like a pale ghost, actually”

“Usually you would say I look okay. I take it that you’re too sleepy to be polite. So just come here and sleep”

Maru still didn’t move.

“You’re such a coward….”

“Oh okay! It doesn’t matter anyway” Maru said and sat on the bed, then he carefully laid down beside Rie, sighing contentedly.

“It feels good to sleep after a long day, ne? You were busy today too”

“Hai…” Maru said, closing his eyes. He opened his eyes and took the biggest pillow to hold.

“Oh no you won’t. That’s mine” Rie snatched it away from him.

Maru snatched it away again from Rie. “You were using that one” he pointed to the one Rie discarded.

“I don’t care. This is my bed. I decide” Rie stated firmly.

“Fine” Maru gave up.

“Don’t sulk”

A few seconds later, Rie said,

“Ne, Yuichi”


“Turn the lights off”

Maru groaned. “You do that. Isn’t this your apartment?”

“”I thought you were kind….” Rie wondered.

Maru got up and turn the lights off. Rie laughed in the dark.


“I do spoil you too much”

“No problem. I already have a thank you plan”

“What do you mean, ‘thank you plan’?”

“Himitsu!” Rie said. “Blankets?” she offered, and without Maru’s answer she shared half of the blanket with him.


“Oyasumi Rie-chan”

“I hope I won’t get pregnant because of this”

“Stupid. You won’t be pregnant if we don’t have sex, Rie”

“I know, I was joking”

“Don’t make me laugh again, please. I have no energy for that”

“Okay. Night”



“I thought you said ‘Oyasumi’!” Maru protested.

“I think your friends are nice”


Maru brushed Rie’s forehead a couple of times. “Have a good sleep”

“Hai. You too”

Several minutes passed and they were no more sound except the breathings of people in the room.

Koki looked at the guy and girl on the bed. He was looking at them for the last ten minutes, their voices woke him up. He grinned to himself. Yucchi has two kinds of smiles. For politeness and the genuine one. And he bet Yucchi didn’t know it himself, but he was smiling his genuine smiles all night long. “Is this supposed to be platonic?" he muttered to himself. And then he slept again.

“I will treat you all one day, when you have the time” Rie said to KAT-TU.

“Wow, can’t wait!” Junno smiled.

“I really thank you all, sorry for the trouble” she bowed.

“No problem at all. See you around ne” Kame said.

“You’re a talented mangaka. Your drawings are beautiful” Ueda said suddenly. Everyone was looking at him at an instant.

“Ah gomen. But I really think like that”

“I’m flattered, really” Rie smiled from ear to ear. “If I have the time, I would like to draw you, make a portrait, you are really beautiful”

“Oi, oi, oi, are you confessing already?” Maru asked to Rie. “If you let her down, Tat-chan, I’ll kill you”

“I didn’t mean it like that. I mean it in an objective way. Your face is beautiful. All of you are very good looking. I wish I could make a portrait of you guys when I have the time”

“You’re complimenting but it sounds like you’re talking about a vase or something like that” interrupted Jin.

Rie laughed. “I’m not good with words. So, I will not detain you guys longer, you have to be at your agency soon, right?”

“Hai, we do. See you soon, Rie. I had a great time. Sorry for coming so suddenly. And thanks for the sushi” Kame said.

“Doita shimashite. Bye-bye” she waved, and they walked to the elevator.

“I will be busy for the next two weeks, so I will not be able to see you”

“It’s okay. See you when you can ne. I have my thank you plan to do too”

“You mean it then. But what is it?”

“I won’t tell”

“Don’t plan something weird”

“Shut up, and go to work”

“Bye” Maru waved.


Authors Note :

I’m glad I can update this week!

Starting tomorrow, I will go to Jakarta with my family, to see my relatives. Because it’s Lebaran, yay! And we have two weeks vacation! I’m so happy. I’ve been so busy these days, I’m exhausted. I need vacation so badly!

So I won’t update in two weeks ne.

For all of the Moslems around the world, happy Idul Fitri, Minal Aidin wal Faidzin.

Next update : Ueda’s Tale : The Epilogue.

PS : dedicated to my two best friends : chloe17 and katsumijp21 


selamat hari raya to u too..maaf zahir dan batin..^^
Selamat hari raya, Zuki! Maaf lahir dan batin! Have a very happy vacation!
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Glad you like this one too. I rushed to write this one. Sat for five hours to write this. I'm glad I managed to update this weekend.

I am already happy, though I haven't arrive at Jakarta. It's the great feeling that you don't have to work that did that to me, hehe.

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Thank you for reading too, as always.
Hi! i think you'll be in Jakarta right now. Enjoy your long vacation ne. I love this episode. KAT-TUN are always stalked upon but now it's time they do their own stalking poor Maru being the victim, wicked Tat-chan for the idea. i'm loving this. And i can't wait for Ueda's tale epilogue.. and of course for Junno's fic. Ganbatte ne! See you around... mostly in the mornings i'm online in YM Buzz me ne
Hey...I came back yesterday. Thank you for reading. It was fun to write the stalking part. I had the theme song of Pink Panther in my head as the OST. And yeah, wicked Tat-chan...Wicked Tat-chan is oishiii! Hehe.
Finally, the update.

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Thank you so much for this Story!
I simlpy love it!!
I don´t have Internet at home, so I saved the Story a few weeks ago on my USB Stick.
Yesterday night I was only gonna read a tiny little bit, to check if it`s good, so I got something nice to read after work the next day.
...I ended up reading all three chapters till after midnight (had to get up at 5 a.m. that day). ^^°°°
But that was soooo worth it!

I love the way how you let Maru describe the other KAT-TUN Members.
This is the kind of Story you could actually think it might happend.
The relationship between those two, is what I would be wishing for with this kind of guy. ^^
Then on the one hand I think its kinda weird how you use these japanese phrases (it confused me in the beginning), but then on the other hand I really started to like it, because it kinda maes you remberber that the story is set in Tokyo.

Keep up the great work, and I really hope you got some motivation to write some more here.

I`ll be saving your other storys now! =D

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My style in writing fanfics is making it as relevant as possible in real life. It's something that I imagine could happen.
I'm sorry if you were confused because I added Japanese phrases too. But yeah, you were right, it is to remind us that they are Nihonjin.

Thank you so much for reading this again, it means a lot to me. Don't worry, I don't regard comments as spam. The longer the better, to tell you the truth. Writing feels so much better when people read it. So arigato ne.
I'm starting to read your other fics, and come to notice thats not just Maru is the reason I liked this story a lot, but your stile of writing!

Keep going like that! *Ganbatte ne!*

And it's not that I didn't get the japanese phrases, I was actually quite surprised that i understood everything!

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Its sooo cute. Ok Kame is the type to seduce a girl to have his way... its a bit creepy but omg... Uebo is sooo cute with all the evil plotting... I love Rie...she seems awesome. Perfect for Maru and Maru is protective without him actually noticing it XDDD
Bakanishi <333

the yuukan thing was cute XD
It's a bit creepy, I agree. But it's useful for that kind of situation. I think it's hot too (shot). Oh yeah, Ueda fits in evil plotting. He would do it with a straight face. Rie is cool. Though it's me who say this. I love her character. Maru is protective? WHEN? Did he? I'll reread.

Yup that was cute. Bakanishi. ***smacks Jin***
She IS cool so you can say it. Maru being protective of Rie when she complimented Ueda & the part where he put a blanket on her to cover her from the K.AT-TU!

*protects Jin* he might get worse if you do that!

This might sound weird but I wanna read Beast and Beauty!!! ;_;
Thank you. If Rie heard this she would grin for two hours!!! LOL.

I reread and I think you're right.

Don't worry. Jin's skull is thicker because he is smacked by his friends for so many years for his baka-ness.***roll up my sleeves***

"Come here, Jin!"
"NOOOOOOOOOO" Jin run and hid behind Kame.
Great fanfic.
Normally I just read others and no comments but I have to comment on yours
It's good, with all the humor, and the interaction with the KAT TUN members.
It's just awesome. Keep up the good work. Write more :)
Thank you so much! Purely Platonic is currently my most favorite thing to write. But lately I'm very busy with my teaching job. And sort of drop dead on my bed when I come home. I'll do my best in finding a time to write. I want to write so much but I have no time to do it! It's frustrating. I'll write as soon as I can.
Thank you so much again. I'm glad you like this one. Have a nice day!
Ooo..I really enjoy your fic, they're all so funny, I can't stop smile while read ^^;

I like the way Maru get protective over Rie, I never thought Maru that kind of person before but then I think he is Virgo,right! I have several virgo friend who been protective with they girlfriend, in a good way i mean...

*run to next chapter*
Ah, thank you for reading this one too! Glad you like this too. I made their friendship into something we could envy, LOL.