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February 2017

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Purely Platonic Chapter 2

Title : Purely Platonic
Pairing : Nakamaru/ a girl
Genre : Friendship, romance, humour
Rating : General
Flame : No, please
Summary : Nakamaru Yuichi found 2008 to be a very busy year. Concerts and all of those idols rituals, plus he's in Waseda now. But several things changed in his life. He will have a girl as a best friend, who made his life more enjoyable and meant a lot for him, and he finally confessed to the girl he has like for two years. Let's go see through Maru's life and feelings.....

Chapter Two : Take a Look at My World

Summary : Maru’s opinions of his friends. KAT-TU found out and got curious about Rie.

The first time Maru slept at Rie’s apartment turned into the second, and then to the third. By the end of March, Maru has been constantly in contact with Rie for a month. They are just one of the examples of two people who just matched despite all of their differences, felt peculiarly familiar with each other, and thus became friends.

Maru thought that it is weird, the way they suddenly became friends out of the blue, but maybe they just meant to be in each other lives.

They met at least once a week, every Wednesday after R-One finished airing. He simply said “See you tomorrow Tat-chan!” to Ueda and then drove to Rie’s apartment and knocked on her door. She would welcome him with a smile and thus they would talk for one or two hours. Two if Maru had enough energy or just had to write a paper and hand it soon, one if he was too exhausted. They talked more in the morning, before Maru went to JE building.

Out of curiosity, Maru once asked,

“Rie, is this the first time you’re doing this?”

“This what?” she asked.

“Bringing a random guy home…”

Rie looked up from her sitting position on the floor, where she was organizing papers full of her drawings for the next edition of Nakayoshi which was due tomorrow morning, “You say it like I’m some kind of sex maniac” Rie accused.

Maru promised himself, that he wouldn’t smile or laugh this time, because mostly all of her answers made him want to crack into one of those.

“So I am your only friend that you picked from the street?”

Rie thought for a while, and then said, “I just follow what I thought back then. You looked so tired. Plus I want to repay you for drawing that character for me. If it wasn’t for you I may not be able to continue Beast and Beauty. And yeah, you’re the only random guy I picked from the street and became friends with”.

He started to bring extra clothes on Wednesday and informed his parents that he would “Sleep at a friend’s house”, which was true in every possible way. Rie even gave her the card key to her apartment. That happened after one incident.

They arrived at Rie’s apartment door, and had to stood there for a good ten minutes as Rie rummaged through her bag, taking out everything inside (which was a lot, from her cellphone and I-Pod, her digital camera, to her sketchbook and other things), as she was trying, Maru, who was very tired (again) and kept yawning but trying not to protest, Rie assured him,

“It’s here, I know it’s here!” Rie muttered, digging to the bottom of her bag.

“Try your pencil case” Maru suggested.

Rie opened her big pencil case and uttered, “Ahha!” as she found the card key there. “I’ll make you another card and give it to you”.

“You really would?”

“Yeah. You will always remember where you put it” she said, putting her things together and then getting in her apartment. “Besides, you’re always coming by and it will be easier for you”.

One night, he went with Rie to a supermarket. He ignored all those paparazzi phobia, and just go with her when she said she was hungry. The reasons was one, because it’s past midnight already, it seems like the chance of paparazzi around is smaller, and second, he and Rie are just friends, so it is no problem if they are caught together in a picture.

Rie was taking some time in choosing the bento at the ready to eat food racks, and he was standing beside her looking in through his cellphone, while chatting with her.

When he heard a surprised gasp from behind him, followed by “Yucchi!”. That was loud, so he and Rie spun around to find the source of the noise.

Kamenashi Kazuya was standing wide eyed, cans of Pocari in hand, looking like he was having the shock of his life right then and there.

“You—and, and a girl? Woah, I can’t believe my eyes, it totally shocked me! What are you—who is she?” Kame asked in a jumble.

Now, a bit of explanation. In an interview, Kame once said that people thought it was Ueda who is the most mysterious member of KAT-TUN. But actually, Kame thinks it is Maru. He also said that if one day he found Maru with a girl, he will be really surprised, because it’s unimaginable for him.

What Kame said in that particular interview crossed Maru’s mind that time, as he saw Kame gaping in front of him—all idol’s cool behavior put aside.

“Hey Kame! Meet Rie, my friend” he introduced.

Rie then looked at Kame and bowed a little with two packs of bento on each hand.

Kame bowed back and Rie proceeded in choosing her food. Kame moved closer to Maru and whispered, so that Rie couldn’t hear.

“Your girlfriend?”

“Iie. I told you, she is a friend. A new friend”

Kame clearly looked like he didn’t believe it, but Rie then said to Maru, “I’m going to the cashier, anything you want to buy?”

“Nope. Here, let me go and buy those for you”

“Silly idols. Mangakas have money too!”

“I know, I was just—“

“It’s okay. Don’t bother. See you in front” and Rie walked away to the cashier.

“She is a mangaka?” Kame asked.

“Yeah. Shoujo manga”

“When did you start seeing her? I mean—knowing her?”

“Like for a month” Maru said, walking to the cashier too, and Kame followed.

He knew that by Kame’s expression, he didn’t believe it again, but Kame seemed to think that it’s not good to push more.

Rie was standing there waiting for Maru, and he approached her, with Kame beside him.

“Can I drop you two anywhere?” Kame offered.

“It’s close, so I didn’t use my car”

“You’re staying at her place?” Kame whispered again, more shock, as Rie’s attention was turned into a colorful poster plastered on the wall.

“Yeah” Maru answered lightly.

In the end, Kame insisted to drop them at Rie’s apartment, which was only two blocks away. Kame looks like he wanted to interrogate Maru more, but had no time to do that.

“His face is ancient” Rie commented.

Maru choked on his rice because he instantly laughed.

“Who, Kame?” he asked, pouring some water.

“Yeah, if that’s what your friend name from the supermarket is”.

“Don’t you recognize him? He’s a KAT-TUN member!”

Rie reached to the CD case of Queen of Pirates which Maru gave her and looked at the cover.

“This one?” she pointed to Kame.

“Yup. What do you mean, ancient?”

“I mean, like a classic Japanese face. The faces of Samurais or Daimyos from old times”.

“Really?” Maru took the CD case from her and looked at Kame’s picture. Maybe she is right.

“It’s a totally new way of seeing Kame”

“What kind of persons are they?”

“These guys?”


Maru took the CD case from Rie. “See here. His name is Koki. Tanaka Koki”.

“Okay” Rie said, like an elementary kid patiently listening to her teacher’s explanation.

“He’s the rapper of the group. Koki is…..” he stopped to think. Isn’t it amazing, how you know your friend so well but if you must summarize him to several words, it is so hard?

“He is…..a mood maker. When you’re around him, all you can feel is energy. You know Rie-chan, Koki is oozing with energy. He is always like that. He talked so loud, always enthusiastic, the kind of people who always said “Okay, let’s go!” or, “Okay, let’s do it!”

Rie reached up for the latest edition of Myojo. She normally doesn’t read idol magazines, but she started to buy it since she knew Maru.

“Ah, this is him!” Rie said, looking on Koki’s picture in the magazine.

“Yup, that’s him”.

“He seems like a yakuza member to me” Rie said thoughtfully, “the kind who asked shop owners at the market for protection money….” but then she shut her mouth with her hand and bowed to Maru. “Gomen, I shouldn’t—“

“Ha…ha…but you’re right! He does look like a scary yakuza member sometimes. The little juniors…well, actually lots of the older ones too, are scared of him. But that’s when you don’t know him. He is actually a soft hearted guy inside….” Maru stopped suddenly, “Ugh! I just called Koki soft hearted!” Maru grimaced and then smiled again. “He is really kind. The kind of guy who would help an old grandmother at the train station and carry her bags for her”.

“Yasashii!” Rie commented.

“Sou sou. And he is the kind of person who can never pretend, you know, like everything is written all over his face. He just had to behave and talk like what he feels inside. Even if it will bring trouble to him. He collects accessories! And it gets to really expensive things over the years. Things with diamonds and gold….”

“Isn’t the rapper in the US are like that too?”

“Exactly! He wears it everyday, and it makes a “ching! ching!” sound when he walks. You could hear it before he comes”

“Like a bell to let it know that he’s coming, ne?”


“How about this one? Ueda? He is the one who have a radio show with you right?”

“Ah, Ueda. He is weird”

“I remind you, you’re mocking your own friend!” Rie said, trying to put a serious face, as she continued to ate her bento.

“I’m not mocking him! I’m telling the truth. There are many sides of Ueda Tatsuya, that’s why he is confusing”.

“Like people who has multiple personalities?”.

Maru stop and think, “Something like that, yeah. God, he is definitely going to kill me if he heard this”

“I could always record what you said and send it to him….” Rie said helpfully.

“No, thanks. Seriously. He has different faces. Sometimes he is scary, sometimes he can’s stop laughing. The outline of his face is so good you could say that he is pretty, but he does boxing”

“You mean serious boxing?”

“Hai. He is even considering to become a professional”

“That’s unusual for an idol”

“Yeah. He had a habit of not liking people. He doesn’t feel at ease with the people that he doesn’t like, so he usually stays quiet like a ghost among the people he doesn’t know well. He is considered hard to approach. Many people chose to be as far away from him as possible rather than talking to him. And he likes that. ‘It saves me the trouble of little chats’ he said once”.

Rie laughed, “He hates social chat ne?”

“Hai. Though if the occasion forced him, he could be really polite, like a royalty”

“Sou desu ka?”

“He has a weird sense of humor too. Like telling scary stories with a straight face. People believe him, because he is not the kind of person who will laugh and say “Usoooo!” in the end. I would believe it if he lied things like “My house was burned down last night”.

Rie scrutinized the Myojo page with Ueda Tatsuya in a cool pose.

“I think he will be a good pick to play Genji from Hikaru Genji” she said.

“You can’t force him to smile. Even in photoshoots, we have to make jokes so that he could smile. But if he is in a good mood, he would smile and laugh all day, like a totally different person”.

Maru then took the magazine from Rie and flipped the page, revealing Junno. “This is Junno”.

“He has a beautiful smile” Rie commented.

“The total reverse from Ueda, who can stay silent for hours, Junno is always smiling. All day long, seven days a week”.

“The happy guy”.

“Too happy sometimes” Maru argued.

“Eh, why?”

“He likes to make lame jokes. And when I say lame, Rie, I mean really lame that made you want to snap at him. Though he takes pride in thinking that he is really funny and said that it’s his best quality. He likes to makes pun…..”

“Show me one”.

“Okay, the most famous one is the, Maru paused to take a breath “Iriguchi, deguchi, taguchi deeeeeesu!”

Rie was stunned for a second, gripped the table the next second, and then burst into laughter the next. She laughed and slapped the table, eyes watering, “but that was funny!”.

Maru smiled too. “Yeah, that one was funny. He made like two really funny ones each year”.

“Only two?”

“Averagely, yup. He also has the tendency to talk something so out of topic. Like yesterday, we were discussing about the guesses we would like to invite on our talk show when Junno suddenly said, “Don’t you think working for Bandai would be great?”, so we all said “HEE?”

Rie laughed again.

“But he is really kind. He never fights. He is the last person who will be hurting others”.

“And this is Kame, your friend from the supermarket” Rie said, pointing to Kame’s picture.

“Hai, hai. This is Kamenashi Kazuya, or Kame”

“What is he like?”

“He….is a very hardworking person. The kind of person who will forget eating and sleeping when he is in the middle of a dorama or a concert. He is quick to remember dance steps, and the last person to say that he is tired”.

“A perfectionist?” Rie tried.

“In work, yeah. He is the youngest of the group, yet I think he is very dependable. And he…is the kind of person who can wear a mask really well”.

“What do you mean?”

“Whatever he is going through, whether he is damn tired, annoyed like hell, or really sad, he can put a carefree and cheerful attitude in front of the camera. There was one moment when I definitely know that Kame was so down, that he must felt so bad, but when the camera rolled, he took a deep breath and made a very bright smile. A very convincing one”

“The kind of guy who pushed himself so far for his job ne….” Rie symphatized.

“Hai. He could do this masking so well sometimes he scared me and makes me worried” Maru said, looking to Kame’s picture in the magazine.

“But he could be funny and cute too. He loves shopping so much. That’s what he does when he got enough free time. Go shopping”.

“And this one?”

“This? This is Akanishi Jin”.

“Kakkoii” Rie commented.

“You’re becoming his fan?” Maru teased.

“No…I am just being objective. He is very good looking”.

“I agree. He just needs to wink and the whole Tokyo Dome would go screaming madly for him”.

“Is he as cool as he looks?” Rie asked hopefully.


“No?” Rie guessed.

“I was going to say that, but I was afraid to let your hopes down” Maru smiled apologetically.

“Jin is someone who is lazy to think when he doesn’t want to. When people asked him anything, he tends to answer without thinking. That was why he was called Bakanishi”.

“Bakanishi!?” Rie asked, stunned.

“Hai. He is also the one who hates rules. Who likes to do the things he wants no matter what, and he likes to it when he wants it. That’s why he often quarrels with Kame, who likes to follow any rules laid in front of him”.

“But they are good friends?”

“Exactly, but how did you know that?”

“It’s just in the way you said it” Rie shrugged.

“Jin is obsessed with English and America. Maybe because he thinks they are free, more than us Japanese”.

“I think, you really like all of them” Rie concluded.

Maru put his hand under his chin and answered simply, “I do. We’re good friends after all these years. It wasn’t like that at first, but then we gradually became good friends. We would all feel really bored if we can’t see each others”.

“Ii ne…..” Rie said.

Maru was going to say, “What about you, do you have friends like mine?” but Rie said, “Your eyes are getting red. Time for you to sleep and for me to work”.

Maru then just nodded and put the eaten bentos to the dust bin. He then proceeded to the bathroom to change his clothes, when he just felt the urge to turn around and said,

“I like you too, Rie, by the way. I feel happier since I met you”.

Rie, who was arranging her hair to a higher bun and was readying herself to work, glanced to Maru and said,

“I like you too, Yuichi. I don’t get this friendly with new people this fast. I think it’s so cool that I have you as a friend”.

Maru chuckled and came back to her, just to pat her head several times, and then he got into the bathroom.

“Ano onna wa dare?” Rie asked sleepily.

Maru stopped drinking his tea and shot Rie, who was at the bed behind him, a look.

“Ohayo. I thought you were sleeping” Maru greeted her.

“I was. I’m awake now though”.

“Gomen, should’ve put the volume lower”.

“It’s okay. So, who is she? Do you know her? You always watched Zoom In with that look upon your face”.

Maru’s eyebrows went up, “What kind of look?”

“A lovesick look. I put it on my characters sometimes. I think that’s gotta do with that lady on the screen” Rie said, sitting up and covered her body tighter with her blanket.

“She is…..Takashima Aya”


Maru was silent, eyes looking to the lady on the screen, who was smiling and talking nicely to the viewers.

“Hey, you don’t have to tell me anything you don’t want to, Yuichi. I won’t force you”

“I have a crush on her for the longest time. Two years maybe” Maru confessed.

Surprised, Rie freed herself from the bundle she was in and sprang beside Maru,

“You’re not together with her?” she asked, wide eyed.

Maru shook his head.

“But why? You should be!”

“She rejected me three times…..”

“WHAT!!!!” Rie exclaimed, looking angry.

“Why? She’s married?”


“Dating someone else?”

“You hit the right point” Maru answered rather grimly.

Rie’s shoulders were hunched lower. “I’m sorry”

“But she broke up with him, I heard”.

Rie’s face got brighter. “Go get her, Yu!”

Maru laughed, “Do you really think I should try again?”.

“Definitely! I’ll cheer you up all the way! I’ll make a fighting flag or head band with the words “Go get her” or something like that”.

“You’re very enthusiastic” Maru commented.

“I think she’s nice” Rie said, looking at the TV.

“You know nothing about her!” Maru protested.

“It doesn’t matter. You like her, she must be a nice woman. Furthermore, she is pretty when she smiles…..” Rie praised again, now sitting closer to her TV.

“Sou desu ka?”


“She is ne?” Maru smiled and glanced to the screen, then at the clock, “I have to go now”.

“Okay. Kyou wa ganbatte ne!”

Maru took his bag and put on his shoes, “I already heated the Gyoza we bought last night, eat it ne? Don’t forget”.

“Hai, arigato. Oh wait, Yuichi! Your car key!” Rie said, throwing the key to Maru’s hand.

“Ah yeah. Really, don’t be lazy to eat it ne, before you sleep again”

“I will. Be careful”

“Yup, see you soon. I’ll call or text you”

“Hai. See you!” Rie waved as Maru got out.

“I see Yucchi with a girl. She is a mangaka. I thought that was his girlfriend, but he said they were just friends”.

“He must be lying then” Jin said, sure of it.

“Wait, Yucchi once told me that he has a friend who is a mangaka. This must be her. Has he ever told you anything, Koki?” Ueda said, then turned to Koki.

“Nope he told me nothing. I feel rather hurt” Koki pouted, a motion very uncharacteristic for someone who is putting a macho image.

“I’m curious…..”Junno sighed.

“But he stayed at her place that night….” Kame informed, adding more fire to the mystery.

“HEEEEEEEEE?” Koki and Jin squeaked.

Such was the conversation running in the KAT-TUN office before Maru came in that morning. But oddly enough, though they were all curious to death, nobody dared to ask Maru about it.

Until a week later, when they were buying lunch in the big konbini near JE building after a rehearsal, Maru received a phonecall,

“You want me to buy the paper for you? Hai. No problem at all, Rie-chan, I’ll buy it for you. See you tonight!” Maru answered, then walked to the stationary section.

“Rie-chan?” Jin voiced.

“See you tonight?” Koki repeated.

“Aaaah!!!!!! I’m so curious! I want to see this girl!” Junno said in frustration.

“Oh drop this curiosity. Let’s just go and stalk him” Ueda said calmly out of a sudden.

“WHAT?” Kame half screamed, which made the konbini’s customers heads turned to him. He then bowed to apologize, and then turned back to Ueda.

“Stalk him? What do you mean?” Kame asked carefully.

“I mean what exactly stalking means” Ueda said.

“I’m in!” Jin announced.

“Me too!” Koki announced next.

“You’re not planning something criminal aren’t you?” Kame asked.

“Not at all. At least if it is crime, nobody will know it”.

“You already have a plan?” Junno tried.

And Ueda nodded confidently. “It’s nothing so special. But we will find out who she is. Yucchi seems like having no intention to do so, so we will take it to our own hands”.

Meanwhile, Maru was peacefully taking two packs of B4 Grid papers for Rie to draw on…..

Author’s Note :

I dedicate this fic for chloe17 and katsumijp21.

I know. I jump from the part where they should be getting to know each other, when they changed phases from strangers to friends. But I have a feeling that I don’t want to write about it. It’s not the thing that I want to dwell upon. They just like each other presence and became close friends in a very short time.

Not much in this chapter, I’m going to write more about Maru’s daily routine and well, generally about himself in the next chapter. I’m thinking to write some parts in Rie’s POV too, but hesitating about it. Should I? What do you think?

-------I’m listening to “Okaeri” from Ayaka everyday. It’s a beautiful song. And also “Oh Baby” from and Indonesian singer, Cinta Laura.

And don’t you think the official pictures of Maru in his show were great? He was adorable there!

Ganbatte everyday ne, my friends!


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0_o; so this is what my kohai been talking about,Maru had crush for 2years with a girl name aya something,urgh makes me curious till dead,I knew its not true...obviously it was your fanfic...hohoho

will go to next chapter XD
You know there was really a rumor about Maru liking Takashima Aya, the anchor of Mezamashi TV. That was why I put her in my fanfic. I sometimes make rumors the inspiration of my fic. But remember, it's rumor.
EEEeee!! hontou ni?? So is it really rumor? uh, I'm confused..., after i read your fanfic I thought u who make the story bout Maru and Aya(who end up in rumor), but now u said it was really a rumor...

so I guess my kohai right then...Uuu, I'm still confuse, question: Maru likes Aya and been dumped twice is only a fic right?!
Okay so several months before I wrote PP for the first time, there was really a rumor about Maru liking Takashima Aya. I think it was Uwasako who said that. Maybe, if I'm not mistaken. It was said that Maru has been liking her for two years, but he was always rejected by her.
So Maru likes Aya = rumor.
Maru has been dumped by her = rumor
Maru has been dumped by her twice = my story.
You see, it was a rumor, and I made it for the basic of my fic. But you must keep this in mind, it's a rumor. There is no guarantee that it really happened.


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