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February 2017

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A compilation of quotes of Yongseo during and after WGM

A compilation of quotes of Yongseo during and after WGM

Disclaimer : this is a translation from a post by @ismidisini . This is the original post : http://yongseolight.blogspot.com/2012/07/update-yongseo-fact-and-quote-after-wgm.html?showComment=1345728466415#c6978147495941578951

I am not the original writer of this post. All I do is translating, which was done by the request of @aliceenhinguyen .

Consider this a fan account. Made from fans for fans.

Yongseo Facts and Quotes :

Yong Hwa still got related questions about Seo Hyeon in almost all the variety shows he attended, though his stint with her in We Got Married was long over. This happened to Seo Hyeon too. Here are some of the quotes of the things they said after WGM was over :

-         -  I really regret it, when I was just promising to be a better husband, our marriage was declaed over – (Yong Hwa).

-         -  Although this is a separation, I don’t want to make it like a goodbye, I will keep it beautiful, like a painting – (Seo Hyeon)

-         -  CNBLUE’s First Step Launching Interview :

Q : How was Seo Hyeon’s reaction?

Y : Oh, at first, she intended to attend this event. But I told her that it’s a public show and there will be many fans, so she changed her mind and just said that she’ll always support me. 


-     MTV Playlist – Seo Hyeon chose “Love Girl” by CNBLUE as one of the songs in her playlist, and talked about Yongseo fans from China. Check the video : 

-   "Thank you for marrying Yong Hwa Hyeong. He’s more open now because of you. He was open already, but after meeting you, he became more open" – (CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun)

-    "Thanks to Hyeongsoonim, Yong Hwa Hyeong is more human now, hehehe, and he smiles more often. We sense your strength in turning him to be a better person" - (CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk).

-    "Because they have said a lot, I just want to thank you, because of your marriage we all could get closer. When we meet again on another day, we can talk normally and still be friendly. Thank you Seo Hyeon" – (CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin)

-    In Heartstrings press conference, Seo Hyeon’s name was also mentioned by the reporters :

Q   Does Seo Hyeon know you’re going to take part in this drama?

Y : Oh, of course. I went to a hair and make-up salon yesterday. I came to her and she said, she will support my acting. 

(This is the link for the related article : 

-     Yong Hwa screamed “Seo Hyeon-ah! Saranghanda!” on SBS Strong Heart. Check this video : 

-     On April 17, 2011 at SBS Strong Heart, actress Son Eun Seo was a guest star with Yong Hwa. Many said Eun Seo looks like Seo Hyeon, and MC Kang Ho Dong asked :

Q : Yong Hwa, you had WGM with Seo Hyeon, who do you think is prettier?

Y : Up close, they are a little different, Seo Hyeon is prettier in my eyes.

-     "I have one more hope in 2011, I hope Seo Hyeon and Yong Hwa become a real couple" – (SNSD’s Tae Yeon).

-   At Korea-China music festival on November 2011, way after WGM was over, Seo Hyeon walked to Yong Hwa and whispered something to him, on stage. 

Search on youtube, you’ll find a lot more Yongseo moments on stage.

-     After ending their virtual married, they often wearing identical things :

   Yongseo’s e-ring. Accuracy is still questionable though.


-           Yongseo wore identical bracelets on September 2011 : 

Yongseo wore identical jackets on March 2012 : 


-     The most epic was the same shirts that Seo Hyeon wore on a J. Estina event and Yong Hwa wore on KBS Gayo Daejun 2011. The lyrics written were from Radio Head’s 2+2 = 5

-     yongseokai

-          Yongseo’s identical style : 


-          Yongseo’s identical guitars : 


A   And there are many more hints that they gave about their relationship which can’t all be displayed here because there are just too many.

On May 3, 2012 at Joo Byung Jin’s Talk Show  Seo Hyeon was given a question, “How will you wake your lover?”. She answered exactly like how Yong Hwa woke her up on one of their WGM episode :

   “I want to cook food, and he’ll become naturally hungry. Then I will call his name in his ear, like this……..” (she literally   demonstrated whispering with her hands).


Check this Yongseo FMV about the show : 

When CNBLUE was invited to Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio and was given questions of the songs they made, Yong Hwa told about his new song “Still In Love”.

      The following is the conversation between Ryeowook and Yong Hwa :

      R : “Oh, it’s for Seo Hyeon………”

      Y : “No……..”

      R : “Why? She is your wife…….”

      Y : “We already divorce for more than a year…”

      Probably Ryeowook is a goguma? ^____^

    Still on the same show, Ryeowook asked CNBLUE’s ideal type and Yong Hwa answered : “I used to like a girl with clear and beautiful eyes, but now I like a girl who has a kind heart, attentive, and funny”.

      R : “Oh, it’s Seo Hyeon!”

      Y : “Aniyo……….”

      During TaeTiSeo’s promo on Kiss The Radio, Ryeowook kept on asking about Seo Hyeon’s status with guys :

      R : “Does Seo Hyeon have a boyfriend?”

      S : “No, I don’t………”

      R : “What about Yong Hwa-ssi? Isn’t he your husband?”

    S : “Oh……we have divorced” (she was saying it while fidgeting with her hair. When she is nervous or lying, she has a habit of fidgeting with her hair).

      Instead of feeling sad on the “divorced” word, goguma rejoiced. Because they sound like they planned the answers.

      “We became close friend, and there is no scandal whatsoever” – Seo Hyeon said on MTV Playlist.

-     A goguma threw a Tamama doll to Yong Hwa on the stage of KBS Music Bank Hong Kong, and Yong Hwa then brought it with him. 


-     Seo Hyeon used a duck phone accessory that was given from goguma Taiwan through Yong Hwa. Tiffany used Seo Hyeon’s phone on MBC’s Music Core. 


     So most probably they met, right? Yes, Yong Hwa could give it to her manager, but it’s nicer to think that he met her personally to give it to her. 

-     Seo Hyeon wore a necklace that looked like Y <3 S


-   Seo Hyeon can answer “What is your ideal type?” now. She used to say “I love goguma more than guys”. It’s different now      ^______^

-     “Seo Hyeon’s voice became stronger and sweeter after she joined WGM” – (SNSD – Tiffany)

“Look! Seo Hyeon can answer such questions as “Ideal type” (SNSD Sooyoung and Sunny)

-     “Yongseo couple forever!” (CNBLUE Member)

-    Everytime I see Seo Hyeon with Yong Hwa, though their show is over, I feel they are a perfect couple (SNSD Tae Yeon in The Beatles Code)

-     SNSD Interview at Thailand Fansigning 2011 (after WGM ended)

      Q : “Are you thinking about something?”

      S : (thinking) “yes, it seems like I’m worrying over something…..”

      Yoona : He’s worrying over Yonghwa! Yonghwayah! Bogoshiposso (I miss you). (It made all the fans laughed)

   -  Seo Hyeon cried and told me many things after their last meeting as a husband and wife (SNSD – Hyo Yeon).

-     “Now I’m looking at your eyes and say….”Saranghae” (Seo Hyeon – her version of Banmal Song)

-      I am deeply touched with everything that Seo Hyeon gave to me (Yong Hwa  - Last Episode)

-      “Take care Seo Hyeon-ah….” (Yong Hwa – Last Episode)


Translation ends here. All videos and pictures were also used in the original Indonesian post. Credits go to all the original owners of those pictures and videos. 

Note : We can choose what we want to believe. For me, I choose to believe what I want. Therefore the world is a more beautiful place. 



I know YongSeo is real and their WGM is not scripted... Other may consider their WGM boring but for me the slow but step by step progress of their relationship seems more sincere and real than the other couple. They learn to understand and care for each other, they change for good and for better.
Yong and Hyun promise to continue supporting each others individual project because of that FRIENDSHIP that grows with them ’ And that’s the best thing they got from that virtual marriage for more than a year.
Wither they end up together or not
I promise to stay as dedicated as I am to YONGSEO and to
Yo~ong and Hyu~un Individually.
I believe in them. Because come on, they show us many hints after WGM was over. I don't want to hear what antis say about them. If I believe, YongSeo is real, so that's final. Started in 2010 and now is 2012, 2 years, they are still give gogumas a hope. And If in the end, in reality they are not together (Oh this is not what I wish!) I'm so happy to know them. They are will always have a space in my heart. Because I loved Yongseo so so so so so much more then I imagine! So lets say out loud,
"YONGSEO IS R-E-A-L !!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
well, thanks unnie for sharing this <333
I'm waiting your ON16 kkk~

p.s: unnie sorry for my bad english! T.T
I always believe YongSeo is real ^^
Well i just re watch all episode... I guess I am not person that know about feeling if i believe its only scripted. Because the changes not so obvious but definitely there...

Viva YongSeo!!!
thank you for translating it! :D
yongseo is natural and reAl!! :d

like this...

i love them too..they're so cute being together..
i don't know if they have much the same thing..
please, if u know more, let us know about that...
so, we can share our love for yongseo...

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3