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June 2016



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Jul. 25th, 2021

My World

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Hello! Lia here.

I love to write, and I first created my own LJ to write and spazz about the things I like. It is mostly dedicated for my Yongseo fanfictions now, and a little of my personal life.

I'm obviously Goguma, and I admire Jung Yong Hwa and Seo Joo Hyeon, together and individually, along with their respective groups.

All my stories that contain rated scenes will be friends locked from now on. All fics rated R, NC-17 and NC-21 won't be accessible unless you are my mutual friends in LJ. You can make an LJ account and add me, so I can add you back. However, if my LJ friends quota is up, I can't add you anymore. Everyone who are my mutual friends are allowed to share their LJ ID and password with their friends.


Sorry, I already reached my 1000 LJ friends quota. According to LJ rules, I can't add another one. But I have made a new LJ community as the second place to post my locked fics. If you are already my mutual friends here, there's no need to be a member of that new community. But if you're not and want to read all my fics, including the rated/locked ones, you can be a member of this community:


Also, please comment if you like my stories. We fanfic writers are not paid and do what we like and share our stories for free. It took hours, often days to create a chapter, a drabble, or a one shot. So please say something if you like the story, even if it's only one line. You will make me, and other fanfic writers out there, very happy.

If you want to know more about what I think and experience, you can read my often crazy tweets at @ladylia257

Finally, thank you for reading my stories. Especially you who have stayed around since I first write a Yongseo story.


Jul. 24th, 2020

The Complete Yongseo Story List (Chaptered Fics & Poems)

Last updated on Sunday, 26 July 2015

Run Devil Run :

Run Devil RunCollapse )

Iridescent Illusion

Iridescent IllusionCollapse )
Prized Possession

Prized PossessionCollapse )

Oppa Nappa :

Oppa NappaCollapse )

Unmasking Souls

Unmasking SoulsCollapse )

A Hopeless Case

A Hopeless CaseCollapse )
Only One

Only OneCollapse )

Half Alive

Half AliveCollapse )

Secrets Revealed

Secrets RevealedCollapse )

Poetries :

Untitled Truth :


(13) Broken Confessions :

Falling Apart is Like This:

Mar. 5th, 2020

The Complete Yongseo Story List: One Shots, Mini Series and Drabbles

Last updated: Sunday, 26 July 2015
One Shots, Mini Series and DrabblesCollapse )

Jul. 25th, 2019

Polling: What Do You Want Me to Update Next?

Dear Readers,

How about telling me what you want to read most?

My Ongoing fics are:

1. Half Alive
2. Only One
3. Prized Possession
4. Over My Dead Body
5. 17 vs 27
6. Would You Save My Soul Tonight?

How did I come up with so many ongoing fics? Lol.

Please answer. Maybe you'll inspire me to decide what to write next.

Best Regards,



08112015Collapse )


Jun. 23rd, 2016


Title: Millenia
Pairing: Yongseo
Rating: PG-13 for concept
Summary: a struggle for love that surpasses a millenia
Warning: a whole alternate universe, please understand. Unedited

Once upon a time, in ancient Korea, a story unfolded, which would take centuries to find it’s ending.

Once upon a time, in ancient Korea, a story unfolded, which would take centuries to find it’s ending.Collapse )

Apr. 22nd, 2016

How Long Will I Love You?

Title: How Long Will I Love You?
Pairing: Yongseo
Rating: PG
Genre: songfic, fluff
Summary: How long will I love you? As long as the stars are above you, and longer if I can
Warning: unedited

OST: How Long Will I Love You by Ellie Goulding

How long will I love you As long as stars are above you And longer if I canCollapse )



Apr. 10th, 2016


Title: Insomnia
Pairing: Yongseo
Genre: friendship & fluff
Rating: G
Summary: 4 brothers and 1 princess

Yong Hwa + Jung ShinCollapse )

Apr. 9th, 2016

A Happy Daddy

Title: A Happy Daddy
Pairing: Yongseo
Genre: Mild fluff
Rating: G
Summary: Yong Hwa, a baby, and a name
Warning: Short

Although there are no singles to be recorded or concerts to be practiced that day, Seo Hyeon, Sunny and Hyo Yeon are together and languidly lying in bed in Soshi Dorm.Collapse )


Title: Tofu
Pairing: Yongseo
Genre: mild fluff
Summary: daily life
Rating: G
Warning: Short

Being together for six years means you know each other very, very well.Collapse )

Mar. 21st, 2016

Shock Therapy

Title: Shock Therapy
Pairing: Yoo Si Jin/Kang Moo Yeon
Genre: drama, romance
Rating: PG
Summary: She is scarier than the rebels that makes him have to go to emergency duties.
Warning: unedited

OST: Everytime by Chen EXO and Punch

Alpha Team was sent to Sudan to help UN’s Peace Corps and Yoo Si Jin had been there with his friends for two months.Collapse )

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